YEBBA / Abbey Smith appreciation topic

Sometimes I hear a voice and it completely destroys me. Abbey Smith / YEBBA has one of those voices.

this is the one i posted in the “your song of the moment” topic:

mindblowing shit
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mark ronson’s not bad but i don’t know that this tune really showcases her talents in the studio version. please check out the live version above which is superior to my ears. this one is just a little too generic. the vocals are obviously still good, though

@Father.Torque please check this one, like, uhhh holy shit?

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what the FUCK
her voice has that shimmer of nerves in this one, but she still annihilates it as usual

nice middle ground between the studio and acoustic version

noticing a trend in these overseas live performances, you can feel how nervous she is

meh, not a sheeran fan
her singing is great either way, her verse starts at ~1:55

why are so many of her collabs with the most generic fucks on earth
oh well, i’ll take what i can get
her verse starts ~1:49

this is wild and raw

that a capella shit


I fell down a youtube hole for 3 hours last night after listening to the one you posted in the Moment thread

They got the money honey

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WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!

playlist with some ridiculous live shit

what the actual fuck is this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

the scatting lol