yamaha soundchips


appreciation thread for some of the best soundchips of all time, especially chips like the ym2151, 2203, and 2608. it would be impossible to show off all the good stuff out there, but let’s try anyway! this should help get things started, at least…

in no particular order:

Dragon Spirit (compare+contrast with the nes port, which is also quite good)

ChoRenSha 68K


Garegga! the boss music. dat acieed

Also the stage 2 track is this:


We’re all following FM Fridays, right? She has a pretty great ear for choices; I’m particularly fond of some of the neato doujin FM diskette “albums” she’s drawn tracks from.



I honestly haven’t been able to develop much enthusiasm for the Sega 80s arcade sound, just some basic appreciation of the most iconic tunes and a kind of positive ambivalence about the rest. For some reason, though, I rather enjoy Power Drift, even though it could probably be considered compositionally weaker than other Hiroshi Kawaguchi scores. “Like The Wind” especially has one of the strongest openings I’ve heard in an arcade game.


i love fm fridays, but i don’t have a tumblr account so it keeps falling off my radar. bring back rss :'c


I manually check it every couple of days. It’s like RSS, but totally inconvenient.


you know you can just subscribe to https://fmfridays.tumblr.com/rss


i do now! thanks


Totally on topic:


continuing my weird hobby of digging through forgettable pc-98 smut shovelware for genuinely good music/pixel art

i refuse to look up enough about this game to inevitably be dissapointed by it, but “lesbian sentai team battling bio-mechanical armies commanded by other lesbians in neo-tokyo with a sega genesis style soundtrack” is absolutely my aesthetic

these are the weapons they use. phenomenal.

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this sounds like the greatest game ever created

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the pure FM crunch of that bass sample
the amount of leverage they get out of every color palette
that power armor design

i can’t deal with this, it panders to me too hard


90s futuristic anime and 16-bit console aesthetics smashed together has been something i’ve been trying to work towards in my vidcons since the sb ARG, and this is like someone put a mirror up to my brain

e.g. some concept art that someone in my (absolutely wonderful) dev team made a couple months ago

now my mind is racing with all of the places i could go from here

still trying to settle on the ideal genre for this kind of thing because a VN’s not it.

…STGs? i could maybe do something like hero core. oh man, yeah, that’s perfect. why does this always happen when i have no time to spare for game dev

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The Telenet Music Box has a very nifty collection, I really really like the Final Zone main theme.



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Really jivin’ on the credits theme for this one.