XB-4 or Do We Have Backwards Compatibility With No Boundaries?

OK, first of all: Why do i call it the XB4?
Well I’ve gotten so used to call the Xbox One S the XB-0 (i. e. the lesser version, 1-1 ==0… although it was the third gen anyway, and that would have made it an XBox Two… yeah, me neither. anyway!) that it is only natural to call the successor in the fourth gen the XB4.

Title is thus totally riffing on the XB-0 Hresvelgr fictional aircraft in Ace Combat Zero,

and it is kind of ironic that the PS5 fits, size-wise, better to that enormous flying fortress than the towering XB4.

But anyway, I’m here to talk about what the internetto seems not to bother alot about/deal with, what about that premise of “play any game in history on your XB4!.. sometime in the future, aye”?
Outrun on XBL has been pulled ages ago, yet it stayed alive on my brothers X360 until now, and when we physically meet again, we will have another go at it, like we always do… could we do that on a XB4?
who knows!

But BC is not just about Outrun, you say, and I agree. It’s about the whole X360 backlog, like e.g. ESPgaluda 2, which i would love to play in 4K. Or Remember Me, or all the other 360 titles that didn’t get on the BC list for the XB0. And then there’s the original XB1, what about Voodoo Vince (asking for my brother, me actually skipped the first gen completely)?

So, if you have a XB4, some X360 titles, feel free to chip in and clear a few oddball titles that are not checked or discussed anywhere atm.
I may join the master chief race in january or march, cannot see me getting my hands on one earlier.


Yes, all that 4 Karat gold… Can you buy the old digital only games on the new consoles? Still can’t believe there was no physical release for Strania.

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i call it xbox series bc its the appropriately dumb term for it imo

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xbox ceres


Isn’t this the thing people have been talking about the most, including Microsoft, since MS had to push Halo out and don’t have any more launch exclusives to advertise?

Anyway, I hear Otogi 1 and 2 aren’t supported so the entire feature is bunk.


Need to live in the alternate timeline where the XseX plays Forza Motorsport 4 and my modded G29 works perfectly with it. I would gladly pay thousands for that.

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it’s the XBSEX


Fujimi Kaido Stage D with the Fiat 131 would be one of the things I’d doing a lot on the XB4 as well, yeah.

Enchanted Arms was compatible on the XB0 already, and got an update after the XB4 launched, so I’d expect that to carry over… but then there’s ACFA, Katamari 360, Silpheed, Shaddai and Mindjack that want to be cleared off the 360 stack as well,so the XB4 better be delivering… …

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I thought as far as BC goes it just has the same selection as the One.

I could never find clear answers if the One and the Series BC is region free.

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Yeah, I’m fairly sure the new xbox can’t play any 360 or original games that the xbox one can’t. The 360 and original BC is just a result of the backwards compatibility with the xbox one itself.

If the series x/s had more compatibility than that, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. But as it stands, the xbox one 360 and original BC barely has anything I care about.

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unfortunately, ESPg2 didn’t check out as being backcompat on the XB0Slim, so couldn’t check that yet, and that’s another XB4 unknown i’d wanna clarify.

this is a nice bonus

saturn emulation at full speed anyone?


This and being able to play VF5FS in 4K is making me really want one

So, I can’t play ANY 360 game on it? Or is is it like XB1 where only certain games are emulated?

It’s exactly Xbox One’s implementation, just with higher resolutions or framerates and the generated HDR. The Backwards Compatibility Team still has to explicitly patch and whitelist Xbox & Xbox 360 games before they’re playable.

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