Witcher support group

After forcing myself to play Witcher 2 before 3 and now 48 hours into the third I realize this was more than I was counting on. But I keep going back for more. I need help who’s going through this as well. What parts can I skip? I’ve only banged two mages so far so I figure I’m what half way done?

hi, sorry to interrupt. is this the support group for those who bought witcher 3 on psn for 70 euro and want to take their own life? more fun would have been had watching that money burn

hug me

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Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige comprise the first act of three. Be careful who you bang.

I also wish 3 was about 2’s length sometimes, but I haven’t really come across anything I wish I had skipped. Sorry, buckeroo.

i want to play one of these, but only one. Which one is the best? Can it be played on PS3?

i bought witcher 2 because felix went on about it so much

played it for an hour, found i didnt want to play as the main character and then it crashed.

it was $5 tho’ so i suppose i got off lightly

none of them are on PS3

3 is probably the best, but other than the scale it doesn’t do much that 2 didn’t (and the combat is marginally worse imo) and the scale works against it sometimes, so I’d still recommend 2.

@sleepysmiles Witcher 2 is also free on Xbox right now if you have access to an Xbox. Marketplace link.

I think 3 gives Geralt room to breathe as a character beyond “fantasy batman” and the player has a lot of consequential options for role playing. Side quests are also tremendously rewarding and often spiral out into much larger events. I’ve been surprised many times by a character I didn’t expect to find when cleaning out my monster contracts.

I don’t get why Geralt is 'batman" but I would say of Games in sequence they payoffs of playing witcher 2 before 3 are pretty big. I think the small character moments do more for you than any other game. Though to my knowledge the only real competition is Mass Effect.

I’m thinking along the lines of:

  • detective
  • loose affiliation with the law (in a Roche play)
  • gravelly voice
  • does the dirty work but is generally outcast from society

But sure, it’s weak.

The quest “The Last Wish” in 3 is a good small character moment in particular. I found Yennefer extremely rude and sociopathic but it filled in a lot of motive for me.

The problem with 3 is it lets you play as Ciri for a bit and she’s way more fun than Geralt

Can you measure how far you’ve gone in the game by counting how many girls Witcher has slept with? As someone who hasn’t played any of the games, can someone here total the amount of women Witcher sleeps with per game?

Witcher 1 __________
Witcher 2 __________
Witcher 3 __________

No, because sex isn’t required to progress.

The sex in these games isn’t more prevalent than other action RPGs with “romance.” I think it’s a weird misperception born out of the stupid pin-up cards from the first game.


Yeah, I never even knew about those because I ignored the series until the second game. They are dumb. But this game actually having plausible casual sex is not dumb! It’s not a big deal.

(fwiw you have sex with 2-4 people during an average play through of 2 or 3).

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It’s sort of stupid to put a sex scene in any game, not sure there’s any logical justification for it other than a chance to watch porn. This is completely fine with me by the way, but it’s just another example in my mind of how much Dark Souls gets right.

saints row 4 already has your number, in that case

I think I’m missing context here. You’re saying that Dark Souls gets it right by not having sex scenes? How is it different than any other game without sex scenes?

Do you have the same opinion on sex in other media too? Movies? Books?

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The cutscenes with sex in them are no more or less interactive than the cutscenes that depict other activities. Whether the cutscenes are pornographic is wholly subjective but their purpose in the game is to tell a story. These characters are in love, this character has been stuck in a swamp and hasn’t been dating much, this character is compelled to be bound to you by the magic of a djinn, whatever.

The Witcher is adapted from a series of fantasy books so it has non-interactive story elements. It does an admirable job of making the ways the story can react satisfying to the player without exposing the seams of the game. I don’t see how a sex scene is substantively different than any other story cutscene w/r/t being in a game. Games should be diverse! There are more games cribbing from Dark Souls now than ever, but that doesn’t mean a different style of game is without merit.

oh yeah i forgot the first of these had the collectible sex trading cards lololol well i know which one i’m not playing!!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex scenes in games either and i don’t know what that has to do with Dark Souls, was that a selectbutton parody comment??
I doubt the sex scenes in Witcher 1-2-3 are tasteful and non-awkward but as long as they’re between two consenting adults i am in support of them, frankly. (but not collectible sex trading cards)

they are fine. they are between (various permutations of) two grown-ass consenting people, they are handled more tastefully and less awkwardly than in any other game with comparable production values, and as doolittle and gate88 said, I cannot possibly see a reason not to have them in a game that takes the same broad approach to storytelling as the witcher does.

have you never ever seen even one movie that has a sex scene that contributes to the narrative?

I’m also sick of having to disavow the stupid collectible sex trading cards from the first game which I never even knew about until someone gave me an earful about it when I recommended the second one. it’s dumb and juvenile. it’s also a janky hack of the neverwinter nights engine or something! the later titles are not that.

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OH NO a sex scene! What if my parents walk in?
Really? The game handles it fine. You can be true and act like your dick is cut off. OR you can be faithful. Or you can play like me, a total slut and bang everyone possible.

In the second one you can go around and sleep with a tent full of whores. Are we supposed to be upset about that too?

OMG sex trading cards? That’s actually kinda cool. I don’t get why that’s so trackless? Why are we so afraid of the human form and sexuality especially in our high fantasy? What’s the problem here?

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