Who wondered "Hey... it's God Hand"


When they watched the gameplay videos of God Of War 4?

Really, cause I saw the first boss fight at a friend’s house and said “dude… that totally looks like when I was playing God Hand, but with a shield (not dodge) and MCU Thor’s (destroyed) Hammer that looks like a axe” thing.


I’ve been watching a bit of a playthrough

This vidcon is very boring and voiceovery and stupid and expensive in a way a somewhat considered combat engine cannot actually neutralise

The presentation just reminds me of Destiny too, untasty

God of War games are always trash but this one seems to think it isn’t still trash


Not even getting in there… And I haven’t even played it.
How it looks, sounds, and narrates… not only I haven’t seen enough as I don’t really care in here (cause if I ever play the game it’s not gonna be now).

But from watching my friend play I really said to myself “how the things are, the proximity you gotta have, how you have to engage on with mechanics… totally feels (actually looks like it feels) as God Hand”…

Over the shoulder, close range, combo attacks, get in and get out… parry (dodge)… Yeah I would go the way of God Hand.

A washed out, and basic overlook over God Hand actually… those first “stages” (rooms), but not immediately the first ones.


But Godhand has style


I already posted this in the games you played thread but I think this game is sick (from just watching it)


i would like to play this eventually! but i chose to support the better dad with my day one purchase this week (kazuma kiryru).

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Does Kratos ever fight Alexander?


To anyone considering playing this, I strongly recommend setting the HUD to “Immersive”, i.e. everything disabled. This game is designed so that you actually don’t need the HUD, which is superb. You will probably not see any streamers playing the game this way.

I also advocate the “Give Me God of War” difficulty, which is extremely brutal, and every other fight feels like fighting Capra Demon for the first time again.

Also, disable lock-on and the other superfluous assists.

I’ll say more once I’ve finished the game.


I’ve seen a few minutes of gameplay in some videos and streams and the combat looks servicable but it won’t be god hand with out near instant snappy dodge steps.


It does have those. You press X once to sidestep, and press it again quickly to roll. There are situations where you’d rather sidestep than roll and vice versa.


This looks fun to play though, unlike God Hand


Tim mentions God Hand several times in his video

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yeah I’ve been noticing a full court press by the Kotaku set to pitch this one as actually like A Meaningful Effort and I have serious aesthetic misgivings

what Brooks said basically


I enjoyed their myth rip and tear fests enough (especially the spectacle that was 3)

that I want to get around to this. Pretty curious how they do take on another pantheon storyline, and Tim’s video while gushy sells well.

Still, I’m not paying new price. There’s that principle, and I can only do so after seeing my dudes again



the thorough attempts to compare new GoW to god hand is one parts interesting and three parts awkward because sure I like those mechanics, but also I could play god hand

God of War: But This Time Instead It’s That One Game You Like Instead

I would play this if you threw it at me because I like kinesthetics but I’m not all that compelled by “god hand, but replace the humor with memories of your strained relationship with your father”

but maybe I’m just being kneejerk. always like to be pleasantly surprised

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middlebrow god of war is the most 2010s thing


I think it looks like a fun game. The comat seems to be doing mostly good things. At one point in Tim’s video I thought “melee Doom 2016”. That also was the only part of Video which seemed to back up the sentiment that the enemies actually fight back. I randomly watched a bit of a lets play earlier and the enemies there just stood around doing fancy particle effects which seemed to do nothing.

My problem with the visiuals, is that the game looks really flat in the parts you actually traverse. It’s like flat pathways, with lots of shjny walls nd decorations and big shit in the distance. I dunno, just seems off, to me. I mean, we have games like Dark Souls 3 and Monster Hunter which have lots of complex geometry and layers and layers of objects, giving such a “naturalistic”, “grown-in” vibe.

Still, it’s pretty amazing what they are doing on a 6 year old GPU in the PS4, and an anemic CPU. I think the consoles are getting to breath this gen, in a way which past gens were not able to.


It’s just impossible to not convey fudgeyness if you’re going to pour manhours into the most detailed scenery ever and still rely on nonsense like all the damn lootcrates looking identical and handy yellow lines daubed over the you-can-climb-here-now bits

The action to cutscene transitioning is pretty impressive though fwiw


I like games where there are bows and kids and monsters


I am about 15 hours in on GMGOW and so far nearly every fight has killed me at least once. Usually about five times. In some cases twenty. And the vast majority of fights have no more than four enemies in play at once.

On the hardest difficulty setting, this game does not fuck around at all, from the get-go. There are no popcorn enemies or punching bags. There’s an interesting mechanic where damaging most enemies causes them, in an interruptible transformation, to become enraged and thus more aggressive and stun-resistant. The need to prevent this demands you play aggressively and surgically. Since everything also packs a lot of health (the complaint many use to dismiss the mode, even though it changes a lot more than just that), and since most fights consist of mixed groups that all pose different threat vectors aside from their attack timings, you must constantly vary your attack approach out of necessity rather than button-mashing style points. There are no systems which serve to trivialize the rest of the game, such as Bayonetta’s Witch Time, and healing is mostly OSP and scarce (no regenerating, no inventory items aside from one equipped talisman of whatever ability on a cooldown).

Also, since you only have your axe and your fists rather than a wide variety of weapons, the game has more detailed poise mechanics per-enemy than most beat-em-ups, and thus encourages you to adapt different light/heavy attack strings to maintain pressure.

The game is strongly holistic and demands you use every tool you have available, then keeps giving you more tools, then keeps throwing more types of enemies at you. It’s great.