We're Kickstarting a Queer TTRPG with Teeth!

Dungeon Bitches is a game wherein disaster lesbians get fucked up in dungeons.

Dungeon Bitches punches cops with its girlfriend.

Dungeon Bitches isn’t gay as in happy, it’s queer as in fuck you.

If Dungeon Bitches was at Stonewall, it would have thrown the second brick.

WARNING: The game will contain gore, nudity, and sexuality.

We (me, Emily Allen, and Sarah Carapace) have put a LOT of blood sweat and tears into this thing and the kickstarter. It’s a passion project, and goddamnit I think it’s been beyond worth it.

We have a lot of cool stretch goals, including my setting/adventure/hack of the game, The Crooked Mile: Horror in the Margins, where a Midwestern queercore band solves genuinely horrifying mysteries to keep food in their mouths.

And, we’re live!!! Please share and back us if you can.

And here are some bottom lines we’ve gotten:

Dungeon bitches is a fascinating game about damaged people surviving outside society, finding family, and dealing with what hurts them. The playbooks are often horrifying, but the characters will have to rely on their human connection to each other to survive. Probably the most exciting PbtA game I’ve played since Apocalypse World itself.
Alex Topfer, @_dangerousbeans

Dungeon Bitches is a hypodermic needle. It’s all point, it hurts, but it’s probably got something good for you in it. Or hard drugs. One or the other. It is a very personal, idiosyncratic game. It is difficult to wrangle on purpose. It’s messy. It has thorns. It uses the bones of mechanical and thematic convention but eschews the easy imitation of its forebears.
Dan, @throneofsalt

Ultimately, if you want a game about emotions and trauma, if you want a game about dungeon-crawling and not fitting in, if you want a game about finding community despite a hostile world, and if you want a game that’s really very good at setting limits and giving advice and also looking out for the players, check this out.


cool shit, kali


Thanks :3 its been a lot of work to get here, but i’m so proud of what everyone’s done and how the game’s coming out


AND WE FUNDED! Two and a half hours baby

Now to hope we get all our rad as hell stretch goals!


congrats, Kali

keep pushin’


congrats!! excited to try it out



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Extremely serendipitous disability check day drop.

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How many teeth do you need?

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Well there’s gonna be a LOT of teeth in Death Spiral. So at least like, a dozen i reckon.

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if you actually need shards of broken teeth i keep mine around when they fall out

i will play this for sure


This looks great! I’m excited to see more!

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And we hit the first Stretch Goal! Even more art now! Tits! Blood! Kissing! H*nd H*lding! Chains!


Congratluations this is fabulous I hope it’s a smash

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Oh man, table top? That’s the only thing I don’t play (because I don’t have friends)! Good luck with this, it looks awesome - although it seems you don’t need luck, you already got this :+1:

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I just wanted to say thank yall again TT - TT it just means a lot to see my SBiblings showing support. still hard to process how well this is doing, emotionally! the last few weeks have been a blur of work for all of us to build up to yesterday and … my gay little heart is struggling to not explode.

Love you fucks.


So uhhhhhh we’re frontpage.

Because we’re one of their picks.

Don’t mind me I’m just screaming


Also we are the #1 project in ALL categories (not just games) in the “LGBTQIA+” tag. Fucking hell


I wish to one day know success like this. Just amazing! Great, great job. I’ll try and not half-ass my next/current game project and maybe that helps lol

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I’d def be interested in a post-mortem of your game and how you pulled this off, what the experience was like and so on!