Welcome To The World Of Tims

Balan Wonderland fucking rules buying day one. Get the demo on everything now.

It’s in 17 languages.



Aero the Acrobat

No one will ever give Yuji Naka money again!




so is the ship name “Balance” or what


is this Nights 2?

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unfortunately(?), not really, it’s a very different game just with a lot of family resemblance

There was NiGHTS 2 and it blew.

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wolf whistle

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Ready for this.


80 different costumes that unlock different abilities. Sonic suit? Yeah, Sonic suit.

Kind-of Disney-meets-SEGA vibe to the art style.

Nier style bosses with huge projectiles to dodge.

Tons of stages.

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Wow read the description of what’s in this demo. It’s pretty substantive.

Two players can explore the game as the stars of the show Leo and Emma in local co-op mode, combining abilities from different costumes to access new paths that are unavailable in solo play! Simply connect a second controller and push any button on it to activate co-op mode. Using a range of costume abilities, players will be able to collect Balan Statues in each stage as well as access the hidden Balan’s Bout mini-games. The demo will feature three of Balan Wonderworld ‘s twelve magical worlds:

World 1 – The Man Who Rages Against the Storm

  • Playable Areas: Act 1, Act 2, Boss Battle

World One is set in a beautiful farm, made up of rolling hills and giant crops. This mysterious world is woven from the memories inside Jose Gallard’s heart, a farmer whose beautiful cornfield is struck by a storm. The boss lurking in the depths of Jose’s world is Barktholomew, the embodiment of Jose’s despair after seeing his cornfield being destroyed.

Make use of a range of costumes to successfully complete this level, including the Jumping Jack costume that allows players to jump to places they just can’t quite reach and the Dainty Dragon costume that uses its fiery breath to clear obstacles in its path!

World 4 – The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind

  • Playable Areas: Act 1

World Four takes place in a fantastical setting born from the heart of Chang Haoyu and his love of the open sky, where bicycle parts and floating islands of all sizes are scattered through the sky.

Costumes in this world that could come in handy include the Soaring Sheep costume that can float away by puffing up its fluffy fleece, and the Aero Acrobat costume that can soar through the sky and aim kicks at balloons and enemies!

World 6 – The Girl and the Kitten

  • Playable Areas: Act 1

World Six follows the story of Cass Milligan, depicting the town where she meets a cute kitten. In this magical world built from Cass Milligan’s fond memories, candy pieces and books float in the air and there are mysterious buildings full of moving gears.

Costumes that will help players solve mysteries and perform powerful attacks include the Gear Prince costume that can spin switches with the gear on its stomach to operate machinery, and the Pumpkin Puncher costume that can shoot a rocket punch!

Isle of Tims

Players will also be granted access to the Isle of Tims—a base area and gateway to the three mysterious worlds. Here, players will meet the magical creatures called Tims; whose powerful abilities can help Leo and Emma as they explore each world and battle Negati! On the Isle of Tims, players can also harvest magical droplets from the colorful flower patches found around the island. These droplets can be fed to Tims in order to evolve their abilities.

Three of the worlds, multiple acts, boss battles, mini-games, co-op, and the hub world!

how is this a trailer for a video game and not like a straight to vhs disney movie it is so strange


Yeah it’s a fucking dope demo.

I’ll play the heck out of this.


The more I play this the more I think it is scratching a very particular itch for N64 style platforming.

Only some costumes have forgiving jumps. Most don’t.

The level geometry isn’t trying to kill you but it’s not there to help you either.

The hidden shit feels much more like a secret Star in Mario 64 or a Jiggy than the ubiquitous moons of Mario Odyssey.

Everything is shockingly aesthetically coherent for a game that isn’t even remotely sensical or conceptually coherant.

Why is there a light virtual pet bolted onto this and why are enemies more a danger to them than to you??

This ain’t a day one purchase for me but damn it I’ll definitely get it when the price drops one week after it utterly fails commercially.

How did this game happen.


Why is the mascot some kind of grinning felt hell jester muppet???


My guess for the girl’s story is she isn’t her father’s kid and wow that is a really fucked up thing to put in your fun game for children???

how did it happen?

well, SQEX must have made enough mone-… GIL, and wasted it on a random project that turns out to be good, that’s what happened. They churn out these gems every few years, and you wonder how the hell it got financed… guess we have to thank FF14 and FF15 for that?

This game has memorable level design because I’ll never eat LSD-buttered corn on the cob again and not think of Balan Wonderworld.

Edit: The warping effect moving through the levels is seriously cool though. The psychedelic “Never Had a Friend Like Me”-like number introducing Balan…what an intro. Character control is maybe a small step up from Billy Hatcher, not great and the running/walking animations add to that in a negative way but I’m digging it enough to finish the demo (and probably grab it on sale).

I’ve stared at this for 5 hours and I still hate it.



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