wasn't there a basketball thread already




none of them are happy to be in either of their places

(there were basketball threads but they all got axed so this is probably a better way to do it thank youuuuu)


Popovich, “so you like warm weather and the west coast huh? Don’t worry Kawhi, we’ll make sure you land ok”



(I think the previous one got eaten by the axe or something)

my warriors need a center bad! hopefully boogie works out

kevon is really good but doesn’t really do much offensively and the other centers are…inconsistent

mccaw gone is weird too I liked him a lot but he’s gotta get his I guess

I hope klay gets out of his slump soon

last night was quite frustrating


Something is going to pwn the Bucks’ season from under them I just know it but for the time being I will enjoy looking at the standings every day for a lil pick-me-up


Boogie might be the guy to jolt the Warriors out of their stupor.


I am unspeakably pleased that Harden can put up 42 and still not beat My Milwaukee Bucks


well boogie worked out

that said it was working out before he got back but yay


it’s annoying that neither you nor i should really be posting in here because our teams own


you at least have a better claim to it

my warriors just have a Lot of All Stars

that said I am pleasantly surprised by the kings somehow managing to stay in the mix



did you know klay thompson has a girlfriend??? I can’t even imagine that