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Lucky Luke


An action game based on the French-Belgian comic series of the same name. It was released on SNES and PC in 1997 and published and developed by Infogrames.

Lucky Luke is a side-scrolling shooter game that occasionally has stages that use Z-axis movement. The gameplay mostly consists of jumping puzzles and gunfights against stationary enemies that pop up at certain spots within the levels. Just like in the comics, the violence is toned down, with enemies not actually being lethally shot and instead just getting their weapons shot out of their hands.

Though based on the comic book character of the same name, Lucky Luke does not actually retell a particular story from the comics. It does use a recurring theme from the comic books, though: the Dalton Brothers - Joe, Jack, William and Averell (the fictional dumb cousins of the real Daltons) - have escaped from prison and Lucky Luke subsequently is tasked with recapturing them one by one.

Bounty Sword (Japanese only)


A Japan-only strategy RPG for the Super Famicom that mixes real-time and turn-based combat, with the player moving around the battlefield giving their units commands.

Bounty Sword is a strategy game for the Super Famicom and adopts an unusual mix of real-time and turn-based for its units. The player can interrupt the action at any time to command their units to use special moves, otherwise units will march towards enemies and attempt to cut them down with regular attacks. Players can also customize their group on the camp screen between fights, organizing their equipment and setting their AI to heal themselves once they hit a health percentage threshold. Imaginative Technology Land developed Bounty Sword and the game was published in Japan by Pioneer LDC on September 8, 1995. The game was later followed by two other titles on the Sony PlayStation, a remake in 1997 called Bounty Sword First and a sequel in 1998 called Bounty Sword: Double Edge.

Umihara Kawase


A SNES game in which a schoolgirl heroine must navigate the levels using only a fishing rod. The game is notable for the properties of its rope physics.

Umihara Kawase is a 1994 platformer for the Super Famicom that heavily uses physics in its gameplay. The player, as the eponymous heroine Umihara Kawase (her name is actually an abbreviated Japanese proverb concerning the preparation of salt- and freshwater fish, both of which feature heavily in the game as enemies), must navigate through levels with optional goals and alternate exits using only her fishing line. The fishing line can support her weight, and can be attached to sides of platforms and used to swing across gaps or rappel up and down to reach new areas. Umihara can grab onto ledges and pull herself up once she’s close enough to the lip, and later levels require trickier maneuvers, using the elasticity of the fishing line to propel Umihara through the air like Spider-Man.

big pog for my girl umihara kawase


Umihara Kawase!

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Huh huh hrmm hrmm hrmm. Man snes games in 97? Umi an obvious great choice but im more curious about LL and Bounty Sword.

Uuuuh. Lucky Luke!

umihara kawase or insurrection

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I’m not on Twitter and I don’t think it let’s me vote without an account. I vote Lucky Luke! If that counts.

like always, i just don’t understand the people voting for the game everyone already knows about

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Does Bounty Sword have a translation patch?

tbf I had no idea what Umihara Kawase was before Tulpa played it on a stream, but I was well aware of Lucky Luke thanks to the GBC game. So I think it’s a perspective thing.


Nope, no translation patch

Umihara is so amazing and I can talk about it for days.


it’s hard to talk about text heavy games most of us can’t read and most licensed games are such basic garbage that you kinda just end up going on about the license itself and at that point you may as well be doing a general pop culture podcast

there’s always lots to talk about in regards to umihara kawase

like what’s the deal with that fucking hud


It’s Umpire Kawaii or whatever!! Look forward to this one in…some time!!