videogame posters & memorabilia

I’ve been browsing a lot on ebay trying to find one vintage/authentic poster that I actually want. something colorful and cool looking enough to belong in the Dope Box Art thread. If i find anything nice I’ll share it itt

the fool from magical drop iii piggy bank, courtesy of neo geo freak magazine. 144 USD

That’s from Gamedigga on ebay who has a lot of cool stuff, they used to run the website so they have ephemera but also games and even a couple PCBs

This seller has a lot of nice old posters and they are conveniently marked “roll” or “fold”. They definitely have a lot of games I sort of like but nothing I must buy rn. This is the only poster I was tempted thus far, but I’ve never even played the second gungriffon game, and it’s not very colorful (60 USD)

I liked this ryu poster conceptually (not so much the character design) bc it ties in with ssfiix and you can totally tell it is from 1995 (as the listing claims) with that spaced out serif font. There’s a matching Ken one too. (50 USD each)

This seller from Switzerland has tons of japanese posters specifically from the mid to late 2000s, big SB1 vibes. And they are also the cheapest. Do I want to own a zettai zetsumei toshi 2 poster even if it doesn’t have a lot going on visually? (20 USD + 15 USD shipping)

This is the one I seriously wanted. There are 2 people selling it on ebay based in the US for 450 and 500 respectively, they are tripping balls. I looked on YAJ and somebody sold a set of 2 variations for 200 USD. so I tried making an offer of 120 to be polite. Well their listing is setup to auto reject any offer below a certain amount. I didn’t even make an offer to the other seller because their listing contained a lot of bad energy, warning people that these store posters are Omega Rare and you need to just buy it now before it disappears. I wonder if that guy is the one who bought the 2 on YAJ just to flip them on ebay.


i’ve had to stop myself from buying this on multiple occasions, and i’m still tempted:

the streetlight is an actual lamp!


salamander pencils and case



this thread could be worth putting in galaxy oddity, please consider


Ok done :slightly_smiling_face: The few threads I’ve made I like to start them in the axe in case they suck :cry:


They won’t suck if you keep posting!


M2 Shottriggers promo items


I think i got this off ebay for somethin like $35 with shipping. The frame busted in transit, but just replaced it with one from goodwill. The person who was selling it had a bunch of other ads they had also saved. My guy was disappointed it was the american purple mask, but still looks p neat imo

Edit: woops, upside down photo sorry


I used to own this. Does it count.


I fucking loved all those old TG16 ads. The Bonk ad seemed to be the most prolific one though.

Plastic bag…


that’s nothing compared to cave pcb cardboard


Somebody here posted a link to the Konami US online store recently. It was for something I didn’t want, but I clicked the link anyway, and then I saw something I did want…

I wonder are there even 2,999 plushie-shopping Parodius fans on planet Earth today?


Before it arrived I forgot what it looked like & was getting a little buyers remorse if Tako was gonna have pantsu on his head…

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Keep thinking about that Dragon Buster one if I ever went out to Akiba

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