It’s coming in three days! Soon all video games will be useless. Im going to crank my A/C down to sixty so I can wearmy VIDEOBALL thermal as I play VIDEOBALL.

At this point the overhyping for my friends has had it’s effect and we are all getting on Tuesday. I am already preparing apology letters and crisp 10 dollar bills.

I will be getting it on PS4.

But the PC master race…

Can’t wait to be psyched for how pretty good it is!

Will get it for PC, hoping to play it with people made of meat rather than electrons

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Yeah I’m a little torn between PC/PS4…

gonna have to get the OS X version as I still lack a PS4. can’t wait!!

PC version for me 'cuz my only gen 8 console is a WiiU

I think the PS4 version maxes out at 4 players where X1 and PC go up to 6 players (3-on-3) is that correct? Something for the PS4 players to consider if true.

wish it wasn’t out three days before monster hunter, but that’s probably a pretty niche problem

hype though yeah

Good to see PC commitments. Nothing beats USB and a bundle of assorted controllers and mayflash adapters. Curious to see what mapping options there are.

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shit Assault Suit Leynos is the same day. Guess both together should be less than 30?

[quote=“Rudie, post:10, topic:2181, full:true”]
shit Assault Suit Leynos is the same day. Guess both together should be less than 30?
[/quote]$29.98 total

7th Dragon 3 is coming out that day so I’m probably getting that too.

got this on ps4, I’m all_monsters on psn. enjoying it a lot even though I’ve only got bots to play against at the moment.

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It’s 5am and Tim is forcing me to edit the Videoball infomercial help me

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You made your bed


Not seeing it on the PS Store for some reason.

PlayStation Store updates at an RNG time every week, try again later

It’s up on Steam! I bought it with trading card funbucks.

If Videoball only uses one button (easy operation 4ever), is the GameCube controller the best option? The octagonal stick gate may be odd.

Tim’s official answer from the desk behind me is “that’s what I was thinking”

Hopefully today he will be posting a four minute video detailing which controllers THE PROS USE


just saw on Twimter that the Mac version won’t make it out today! bummer :frowning: hope soon

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by this time tomorrow i’ll probably be all over VIDEOBALL on steam. my id there is the same as here.