Under the covers


Oh damn I just found this band called Scary Pockets and like their whole youtube channel belongs in this thread


a gift to @meauxdal the biggest Stevie head on the forum


that fucken talkbox solo, so jovial





Felix posting a Pavement cover right after someone posts a Weezer cover is maybe the most on brand Felix thing I have seen since he got on km’s case for buying a TV instead of a projector.


ah yes, weezer the way it was meant to be heard


doing some googling this band seems to consist of at least one ex-member of polysics which def adds up


Yeah, i have one of their (NATSUMEN) albums on my PC, but I haven’t listened to it. But I could completely believe the Polysics membership, yes.


Everyone knows the original Toxic is a solid gold club jam but god DAMN this drummer does WORK


I want a modern fakebook of the GOAT pop songs. Toxic holds up with standards like Why Don’t You Do Right and Body and Soul