Umbrella Corps for $1 Alert (Let's play together)

I wrote about Umbrella Corps last year when it came out and it really surprised me. It’s definitely janky and low budget but it was one of the most fun I’d had with a shooter in a long time. It’s got so many weird ideas, like the zombie repellant backpacks everyone wears that can be destroyed, to the emphasis on looking at noise on the radar to find enemies as opposed to seeing them clearly. You’ve got sickles with which to chop people’s legs off but you can also do counters and instantly kill anyone who tries to melee you. You crawl at the speed of light. The maps are small but you zoom really fast so rounds typically last around 30 seconds at most. It’s a fast paced shooter about teamwork, setplay, and reads. And no one plays it on PC.

Until today! Everyone buy this for $1 off the latest humble bundle and let’s finally play this thing. Write that check right now!


God damnit I just paid 22 bucks for REmake, Zero, and 6 this afternoon.

I will pay $1 for Umbrella Corps.

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Def Gunna grab this, even though the demo kinda ran like shit on this thing. Woo.

got it, i’m free saturday, show me how to play this weird lookin game

There’s some tutorial stuff ya might want to play with in the mean time~

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These are the two main resources for the game. They’re essentially the manual since there isn’t one built in-game.

The loading screen tips that explain all the mechanics:’s strategy guide:

Also it’s very important to spend a lot of time designing logos.

way ahead of you

Oh man, I could actually find matches last night. It’s a miracle!

I’ve got four three keys for Umbrella Corps if even $1 was too much for this game! Let me know if you want one! Ideally we can get a game of 3v3 going on because that’s how the game was designed for and works best with (the game was later patched to allow matches to start with 2v2 due to low player populations).

Oh whoops, I’m interstate this weekend :frowning: Il be round next weekend though!

I am up for this as well. I’d really like to try the 4 Survivors mode, since in the few games that’s still being played, it doesn’t seem to feature as much. I am AlienX on Steam.

Got it running at a decent clip now :smiley: just ignoring the weird beeeehps the computer is making :smiley:

Found some games. This is good.

i bought this too.

i’m bad at this type of game tho so um please save me from the zombies

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OKAY I am ready to play this game tomorrow!!! Or Sunday it turns out

Any time after Noon Pacific tomorrow yeahhhh

@drem @Godamn_Milkman @The_Blueberry_Hill @nettle

Oh yeeaaahhh!! If we get 6 people we can have a full game!

There’s a short tutorial in the game if you guys wanna check that ahead of time. It just goes over some controls.

i sent a friend request to everyone in this thread i’m not already friends with, except Raziel because there are many AlienXs and i didn’t know which one you were. maybe you can join the SB group, then it’ll be easier to find you.

People keen to play this weekend? I’ll be ready any time from now till Monday.

Yeah Raz, ya gotta give us a bit more info, 'cause:

My bad, I completely forgot the actual username is editable in Steam, plus having a nick from my pre-teen era makes it even more difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m down for Saturday again, will be on Discord