Couldn’t be worse than the last season!


genuinely anticipate figuring out who pizzolatto is ripping off this time (also how much he takes from what’s left of the corpse of his novel)


I find it really unfair that they keep casting such interesting actors in this shit that I will almost certainly never watch


I had some hope for this when Jeremy Saulnier was doing the whole thing but I guess he ended up doing 2 episodes of the 8.

I’d rather have him doing movies anyways tho



oh wow i had no idea this was a thing

anyway i remember reading pizzolatto’s novel and laughing out loud because of how stupid and derivative it was. just baffling. my mans got struck by lightning with true detective season one and has been living the fullest grifter life ever since (the screenwriter’s dream, really)


yeah I’m missing my lost-via-borrowing bluray of the first season but don’t have the slightest interest in an S3


what if a crime… was also a mystery… find out this season only on True Detective


He mined so many details from his novel for the show, too.

It’s like he went into an empty room with bare white walls at age 30 and laid out everything he had to work with on the floor: “These are the images I have accumulated. I will work with only these. If I need more I may mine from other writers, but I will never, ever leave this room and look at the world again.”


What I’m saying is he’s basically me and I am v. jealous of his success :sunglasses:


I love Detective Ray Velcro





Id forgotten how much the dialogue in this show is. Its wow



Holy shit

Stephen Dorff!


has anyone watched the first episode? i’m at me parents’ and they have hbo so i got around to it.

it’s pretty obvious that the series is dead and rotting stylistically. like, the first shot is a menacing landscape in slow-motion from a helicopter. within five minutes you have panoramic stares also in slow-motion. the image looks washed.

i don’t remember it happening in the previous seasons, but this episode has so many scenes with this weird, small depth-of-field that makes everything other than the characters blurry all the time. it goes from being okay i guess to straight up garbage at times.

the protagonist is so cool! he’s not hysterical but he’s also not too distant. everything he says across timeframes has some different kind of weight. this season is actually trying to pull the interrogation-flashback thing twice at the same time!

the protagonist informs (to himself) he has “memory problems”, which turns the whole “unreliable narrator” bullshit in a very insidious way so far; there are a couple scenes inbetween timeframes where you feel a jump but can’t quite discern what’s missing. that’s nice (maybe it’s in my head though?) at one point, a character describes him to a third party as “a man who hunts boars for fun . . . a tracker.”

i find it hillarious that true-crime media appears twice as being relevant to the story: first in a non-fiction book from the early nineties and second in a web-documentary in 2015.

there is an exchange between the protagonist duo that’s a watered down copy of the one @feminaridens2 posted earlier, but other than that nothing too jarring. i still believe the whole thing will become an absolute mess by like, episode four though


the documentary crew being reddit tv show fan theorists hung up on a pedophile conspiracy and true detective shared universe theory was good