trip-hop, downtempo, and otherwise under the bridge energy


if we could not talk about portishead or massive attack that would be exciting

this vibe is the “talking heads” to digital hardcore’s “swans” or something. if we were to compare Y2K sound movements. no one likes bein a sleazebag no more. they just “ah” one (tony soprano voice)


so a) he’ll yeah b) i was looking this up the other day coz @feminaridens2 was making a playlist and it turns out the original version of that one Moloko song is this weird spacey number?

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I find it interesting that you want to keep them out of the thread and then immediately post Sneakerpimps, in my mind they’re all of a kind.


And now I will try to contribute lemme know if this fits what you’re looking for

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It’s all about Splashdown, baby!


Dangerously close to the forbidden portishead/massive attack (forbidden for a good reason, imo, they tend to dominate this genre), but I do like Morcheeba, even though they are so corny.


yeah moloko were my pick of the bunch for this general club music gaiden and roisin murphy’s still making good ass records to this day (hairless toys is kind of a masterpiece deep house lp)


idk they just pop up so much and have made trip-hop such a nighttime thing, but the sun can totally be out instead and that’s what i think the version of sneaker pimps with kelli ali in it sounds like

you’re hungover and sad about something, but it’s 5 am and you’re coming back from 7-11 with some jamaican beef patties and iced coffee. as opposed to being in an alley at midnight and bashing your head against a wall because its cold. these are the worlds of trip-hop


Also, trip-hop can sound like you’re taking a shower in a space station:


right this is why i had an urge to post Burial in here


Skip the first track, maybe,

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