Trailers/Games: your most froth before release


I didn’t have a playstation when FF7 was coming out and didn’t really know what Final Fantasy is. I got a playstation when they came out with the dualshock version.


I wanted to say there was a promotional VHS for this but guess there is just the one for DIddy kong Racing.

The best trailer is from Silent Hill 4 where Henry totally nails that dog.

Hmmph this one is editted because i distinctly remember you see the follow through.


Whenever mention of Chrono Cross first surfaced on rpgamer, a friend’s bday was around then and most of us at his party were flipping the fuck out reading it.

“Maybe it’ll tie into Schala, what’s this goofy voodoo straw man”

And before long,

Must’ve nodded along to that menu music for like an hour, or few.


In 1999 at age 11 I got into wrestling and was subsequently hyped out of my mind for WWF Attitude, the sequel to War Zone. It was delayed for what seemed at the time like an eternity but was probably only like 6 months. I looked at the screen shots in EGM a lot. It was hype for this game that led me onto the internet where I found my first web discussion forum and to an addiction that persists to this day.

I waited and waited for that game and in the end it arrived on the same day that my sweet ass Lime Green iMac arrived so I wound up waiting to actually play it until the next day. And as it turns out the game totally sucked, even though I didn’t realize it at the time because I was a dumb 11 year old and hadn’t played WCW/nWo Revenge and seen how superior it was to War Zone.

1999 was a good year. It kinda all went to shit after that honestly


In college I said “yo Freelancer is comin out” so many times that my nongamer friends used it as a non sequitur to make fun of me


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project was the first game I remember wanting a lot before ever playing, and then getting. My brother had Nintendo Power sometimes so we must have seen it in there, we never saw any video footage of it. I don’t really remember understanding a new videogame as like this verifiable coming product vs. a debatable playground rumor. I think I thought Nintendo Power got the scoop on this batch but who knows what they missed out there on the beat? Wiki says it came out in Feb. 1992, but I remember getting it for my birthday which would have been in April, I would have been 7. I think its possible at this point my brothers and I had still not seen a Super Nintendo in person, I’m not sure what the timeline was on those Walmart demo stations in suburban Indiana. But we played the shit out of that thing until eventually dad just showed up one day at some point in the future with a SNES box with those full gloss hi tech mareos.


Back when F-Zero Climax was announced I remember downloading the trailer and being unreasonably excited to find out the game would include a level editor – like bouncing off the walls and screaming in excitement like some sort of proto-YouTuber (I was 13 okay). Never before and never since has a trailer elicited such a strong reaction from me.

Naturally, to this day I have never actually played the game.


This made me legit spit-take


I knew a guy who was so excited for GTA3 that he made a scrapbook

I was practically vibrating with froth for Perfect Dark, and when it released I gave my pocket money to my mother and asked her to buy it for me while I was at school. I was so pissed when I got home and found out she put the game on lay-by and used my money for clothes instead


Hey I found these. You just have to search for “beta gameplay clips”.


I remember being very hyped for the original Tenchu based on a small blurb and tiny screenshot in some gaming magazine. It came out several months before its release date. I went to the game store to buy Duke Nukem: Time to Kill and walked out with Tenchu.


This was a big deal. I remember going to the pool on release day and my friend brought his manual along to show off.

GamePro had a spot on it in the first issue like two years prior and I think the general consensus among my friends what they that was some kind of made up b.s. back then. Even among the elementary school set GamePro didn’t have much credibility.


I had a SNES magazine as a child and the two things in it that excited me were Earthbound and a port of Mr. Do, which I had never seen or heard of before. I think I just assumed (correctly!) that Earthbound would remain a mysterious foreign phenomenon but for years I held out vague hope of finding a Mr. Do kart in the wild. I don’t know what attracted me to much, maybe the mildly positive tone of the review, maybe the ball throwing sounded interesting… maybe the total unreconstructed strangeness and assurance of a clown, who lived underground, and collected cherries, and threw a ball at people, and was named Mr. Do(?)… also the dinky sprites and the pleasant way the clown was drawn…

Mr. Do can defeat creeps by hitting them with his bouncing “power ball” or by dropping large apples on them. While the power ball is bouncing toward a creep, Mr. Do is defenseless. If the ball bounces into an area where there are no creeps to hit (such as behind a fallen apple), Mr. Do cannot use it again until he has retrieved it. When the power ball hits a creep, it then reforms in Mr. Do’s hands after a delay that increases with each use.

actually just reading about mr do again makes me want to play it… very pure, charged videogame language.


Is it Mr “Dew” or Mr “Dough”?


I definitely heard the latter but that can’t actually be right


most of the stuff I remember really looking forward to and actually having an expectation of being able to play at or close to release would’ve been late PS1 (gran turismo 2, chrono cross) or gamecube sequels (metroid prime, melee, soul calibur 2)

actually looking forward to new games (rather than discovering something secondhand) and knowing when I can play them is a relatively recent phenomenon for me it turns out


this trailer came on a bonus dvd with mgs2 and i used to stay up late, absolutely terrified, watching it over and over



I always wanted to know, and now I Mr. Do.


I don’t know what this chart means but a ghost told me I must post it or die