Trailers/Games: your most froth before release


Tell me about the games you anticipated the very most. Especially if there was a trailer which really made you froth.

Or maybe there is a trailer which caught your attention, for a game you weren’t necessarily needing before!

One of my most anticipated games ever, was Final Fantasy VIII. I don’t remember trailers for it. But I do remember THAT demo. Maybe the first game I ever pre-ordered. I had my binder adorned with as much FF8 artwork as I could tastfully arrange. For like a year. 7th/8th grade. Along with “9.9.99” release date awwwwwyeaaaahhhh.
Here is someone’s long play of the demo

Gamespot TV debuted the Resident Evil: Code Veronica FMV cinematic with Claire. I taped that shit and showed it to my mom. I don’t even love Resident Evil as much as some people. But that trailer was pretty rad. I can’t find a proper cut of it on YouTube. Maybe one of you can…

The absolute most froth I have ever been for a game, is snake eater.

12 minutes of nice camera angles, showing gameplay which is all possible in-game, with in-game assets. I was 17 at the time. It released on PS2, November 2004. I was 18, then.

Few times have I ever been so hype for a game. And it persists as one of my most favorite games of all time.

I really enjoyed Battlefield: Bad Company. So, I was verrry excited for its sequel. Battlefield has a long history of pretty hot trailers. But for BC2, they did an additional set of clips which showed actual gameplay. And they marketed them as “battlefield moments”. Brilliant.

This, for reasons I can’t completely explain, is my fave. Something about the initial rush up on an ATV… And it really showed the new ideas and layers for map design.

BC2 is one of the best multiplayer FPS ever. I put a lot of time into it. Would still happily play maps for it, today.

I would love to have Dark Souls on here, but I’m trying to be honest and keep a tight group here. Demon’s Souls was too good. I was skeptical. Was still very excited. But I was more honest froth for BC2!


Persona 5 trailer had me hype as fuck to navigate some menus, like the game clearly just had so much STYLE based on that debut trailer. But then I actually got my hands on the game and after about half the game I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Too many bad game design decisions, too much bad anime plot and leering horniness. Maybe the previous games were as bad and I just grew up but man.


No trailer but I was almost literally frothing for Donkey Kong 64. I had 100%'d Banjo Kazooie and was ready for more of that type of thing. I don’t remember seeing commercials or anything but I definitely read about it in some magazine, and knew it was gonna be this huge mfing game. I ended up reading tons about it on the internet and, I think, I even read a strategy guide or something before I played the game. Kinda ruined it for me tbh

I still really liked that game though. It’s bad.


I remember being incredibly hyped for Super Mario Galaxy. I preordered it, and I got a voicemail from Mario himself (as channeled by Charles Martinet) when it came in. I still have that stupid voicemail on my phone, because how could I ever delete a voicemail from Mario?

To this day, it’s the only 3D Mario game I’ve 100%ed.


Whoa, I do not recall hearing about those voicemails!


That seems to be the consensus on SB. I’d still like to finish it, supposedly the finale and ending are aight when I invest the, guess ~20 hours left. :neutral_face:

I replayed P3 a few years back, loving it even more and going 100%-ish. Its anime tropiness isn’t so obnoxious or constant, I think it’s partly more digestible enveloped in a graver tone + urban aesthetic.


every smash game. id have dreams abut them


P4 is the only one I have played. What really sucked me in, is that its a small town Japan simulator. Which made me incredibly nostalgic for some of the best times of my life (which happened in small town Japan).


ealry noughties konami had the best trailers


That they did! @Toptube super same and this was my fav of the trailers, got me intensely hype:

I worked at Gamestop when SH3 was coming out, and there was a promo VHS with this or a very similar vid playing.

“I Want Love” haunted me, the included soundtrack blew me away on the drive home release day.


one of the last trailers that made me froth for a game is this one:

however, the most froth though… phew, that’s not easy.


Being hyped as fuck for StarCraft is probably what got me addicted to the internet


I had just finished Witcher 2 and was playing a lot of Monster Hunter.

And the Horton arguing with BJ part of the Wolf2 trailer with the heavy bass line.


Still high off of GTA 3. The Rockstar Vice City website (it was made in a flash, remember flash?) had several ten to fifteen second video clips of gameplay (this was all pre-Youtube) that I watched over and over again and now cannot for the life of me find anywhere today.

Same situation with San Andreas, wrt to frothing to trailers and gameplay video clips on the website.


Just for you beautiful maniacs I went ahead and ripped the voicemail to a .mp3. Enjoy listening to Mario talk about a Gamestop pre-order for so long that it starts getting very uncomfortable, circa November 2007.

Mario is not supposed to speak in paragraphs. Really makes the racism come out.


Wow. I’m kinda pumped now. I wish Corey Feldman coulda called me for buying Turtles in Time.


Here is that Code Veronica Claire trailer:

When gamespot tv debuted it, I remember it ending right after she shoots the barrels. badass.


Quake 3
Q3Test was a great demo.


Absolutely intolerable


I definitely stayed up past midnight with my roommate in the dorm at summer camp, multiple nights in a row, just talking about how great FF7 was gonna be.