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are there any really good curated playlists of old tracker music files out there? i am interested in tracker music of all styles but i am a little too intimidated to seek it out myself

too busy to pull up my fav stuff right now but i’ll throw this in here so this post has something:

(my favorite artists are zabutom and dubmood and Kenny the Toffelskater is my life)

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this is a good start probably


i can help with this when i’m not terminally depressed


stay safe friend


Radix has some very very good tunes

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@wourme certainly knew some good stuff back in the day

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This is a list of some of my favorites from several years ago.


I made a playlist of Famitracker covers of game music from systems other than the NES:

I haven’t updated it in years but there are 123 pretty neat tracks on there

EDIT: of course the first track is not a video game song, go figure. most of the rest are

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My classic favorite artists are Dizzy, Heatbeat (now Aleksi Eeben), Dune, Md, Groo.

For recent fun tracked music (basically the only recent tracker netlabel that I know about) you can check releases on damask: (don’t be fooled, the dates are fake)

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I keep thinking I should make a webpage with a selection of modules w/ an integrated player…

(At some point I was responsible for reviewing and processing applications made to the music archive, so I’ve listened to a great deal of tracked music)


dude is amazing. please peruse his work under his real name, it’s savagely good

another fave


do it


By the way radix/rymdlego/mosaik’s youtube channel has got a few classics of his ready for listening:

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_zebra and ilkae are friends of mine. ilkae used to have a tracker username way back, but idk what it is. brothomstates (idm musician) too. can’t remember his old tracker handle


Brothomstates was using the handle Dune back then.

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Actually my very avatar is a reference to a collab’ I was working on with him


do i know you lol


Possibly if you have visited demo parties or in particular areas where tpolm members live/lived in europe

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4-mat of Anarchy was always one of my favorite MOD musicians, and he’s done some excellent work in recent years as well under the name 4mat. When you buy his album Surrender, you also get the XM files for Decades.

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