I need to preface this link.

Before you click on it, you should know that The thing I am about to link you to uses javascript, and browser fuckery, and you’d probably better not fucking try to load it on your mobile browser. This is (almost certainly) a desktops-and-laptops-and-maybe-even-tablets-ONLY sort of situation.

Before you click on it, you should know that The thing I am about to link you to starts immediately and it is disorienting and the disorientation is the point. You’re going in COLD.

Depending on how plugged-in to the internet you are already, you’ve maybe even already heard about this. I’ve seen comments on twitter and tumblr. I’m pretty sure I saw one of you retweet something about this.

When you are ready to experience What football will look like in the future, please experience What football will look like in the future.

(note that appreciation for actual football is neither necessary nor even necessarily desirable.)


This actually seems to work really well on mobile - I read part of it on my phone just fine

Oh, that’s a relief. The Metafilter thread where I finally got a link to this thing was full of people whining about how this broke on mobile, and how unapproachable the thing was, so I really wanted to set expectations appropriately.

This is fucking great

The elitists are gonna come in and tell you this is a step down from Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles

not me, I think its a step down from NFL Catch Rules

well it is

and not only that, we already have a thread about it

it has gotten better, though. the first few parts did little

does anyone know what software is making those maps? is that just like an intense form of Google Earth? or maybe something he/they actually made themselves

I am taken aback by this news.

Ok, so they meant american football…

hey i’m years late but this shit rocks. fucks me up that some of the most me-core writing i’ve ever encountered is wrapped around something i care very little about (american football) (not that it makes me dislike it – wild that it can make american football interesting to me, but i suppose that’s the power of writing from a place of earnest passion)

i found and read 17776 and 20020 sometime early last year, and just read through tim tebow cfl chronicles today. insane to see this obsession with geography and terrain be utilized in a manner i never would have imagined but makes so much sense

excited to read 20021 if it ever comes out