Topic Tags Enabled

We’ve enabled topic tags on the forum.

They are purely optional, but a helpful way to help people find your topic even if you couldn’t resist a pun in the title.

Please keep tags clean and put jokes in the topic titles. Don’t perpetuate the tragedy of these commons!

The most obvious use is for NSFW topics. Tagging a topic NSFW doesn’t hide it unless a user mutes the tag as explained below – it is just a courtesy for people who want to. NSFW content should remain in The Axe.

They’re also appropriate for content warnings applied to an entire topic but please continue to spoiler or “hide details” mentions of self-harm, self-injury, and suicide on a per-post basis regardless of the thread.

If you’d like to retroactively tag your own threads, please feel free!

To apply a tag, type in the field next to the category on the original post of the topic


This searches existing tags and creates new tags where a match isn’t found.

Tags appear in the topic list on desktop like so

You can filter the topic list by tags


You can watch, track, or mute tags under tracking in your user preferences

You can view a list of tags at


is it okay to reply to this

I can search and apply tags, but I can’t create them

this is probably a good thing but I’m still going to seek remedy

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no no, you should be able to!

by default it’s set to “regular” but i think our user config tops out at “member” so i lowered it to member (same as axe access)

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I am dumb, is there a way to hide the tags as while I appreciate the functionality, I less appreciate how cluttered everything suddenly looks.


not dumb — there’s no user preference for it but it should be doable with a css component like hiding blood potions

is there anywhere in particular you’d like to hide them eg the topic list?

If the topic list is when I click on say King of Posters and see a list of all the topics then yes, that is exactly where it’d be most preferable for me.

reasonable suggestion. implemented a css component so they’ll still appear at the top of each topic but not on the topic list. might revisit and allow a user group setting but they’re most useful in the tag page or at the top of a topic

may need to refresh a few times esp on mobile to see the effect


ooh this is fun.

thanks for activating this feature.


I found them displaying in the topic list considerably more useful. I had to look in this thread to find out where they even went after this change.

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i can make a new user preference like we have for blood potions?