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Is that statement indicative of you not needing upgrades or tech stagnating?


Tech has been stagnant enough that my computer is assuredly more powerful than even next generation consoles, so I should be comfortably able to play any game coming out for a long time

My last machine lasted me 8 years (with a GPU upgrade along the way), so 10 doesn’t seem like a stretch for this one


the no name aesthetic is beautiful imo


Nex gen, I hope for some crazy scenario where console mfqs, in addition to bringing quite powerful hardware, do a sensible thing and heavily back m&kb support and all other methods of input. As a result PC gamers start mass exodus, main sillicon companies begin losing their value since there is less and less PC gamers sheep footing the subsidy bill for their entries in other markets and console R&D. Then in gen after, consoles mfqs have to pay much more for R&D, SKUs get insanely expensive and unprofitable, and it all falls apart like a house of cards.


I don’t understand why you all love paying for things so much


I mean I hope they don’t tank pc gaming because I use my computer for plenty of hardware intensive stuff other than games and costs going up for that more than they already have would suck.


I don’t really agree with a word of your post but I love this expression


Not sure what you mean, gamers sheep and footing the bill are separate parts of the sentence.


yes exactly


So what expression do you love, footing the bill? I like it to use it too.


Felix is admiring the unique juxtaposition of the two words from unrelated phrases, the poetic imagery of quoting it out of context, the incidental joy of creativeness sparked from the banal


Hey folks, friend moved and no longer has access to her roommate’s PC to play Destiny with us. We’re visiting in a week for housewarming and to help her build a PC.

Because we’re on the precipice of Ice Lake (wow that just rolled off the tongue I love you vyvanse), my brother is going to sell her spare Sandy Bridge parts on the cheap to tide her over until 7nm/10nm CPUs later this year. I found a used 1070 locally for $200 which sure beats the fucken 1660 Ti, and I can buy a $20 Win10 license through the university.

Do y’all see anything objectionable here? I was a little iffy on the “use old Sandy parts” plan but getting a Ryzen 3 AM4 setup would be very stopgap for about twice as much even if she can reuse the board and RAM. This way she could make a NAS or something if she feels so inclined (engineer).

Also she wants RGB for rainbows and shit hence the H500i instead of the H500.


just per the compatibility note on the page, grab this too so she has front USB ports:

a thing I can personally vouch for and know works


I could run Destiny 2 on my i5-750 and HD7950 at around 45fps if that helps.


Yeah, I think Eurogamer did tests running it on the Pentium G4560 without incident so at the least the CPU isn’t a problem for Destiny. I think my brother reported Wolf2 running poorly but Battlefield aside I don’t think any multiplayer stuff should be a problem.


I’m still very happily on Ivy with an even better GPU

Sandy is louder without better cooling and is limited to PCIe2 but this is a fine plan

Sandy has lower stock clocks and higher overclocking ceilings than most of what came after it so I would actually not skimp on the cooling so you can push it but I definitely did Wolf 2 at a consistent 1440p144 and I not so secretly regard the past six or seven years of desktop CPU marketing as fairly pathetic


Oh is it a regular 2500 and not a K? That changes things somewhat


Yeah. Non-K. It’ll still run most of the stuff she wants just fine, though. I figure if she’s happy, great, if not she can drop in a Zen 2 or Ice Lake part in six months. Concerned about whether it’s worth buying something different altogether now, though, but even Ryzen 3 parts are going to be pricey relative to the gains. (Also these are probably at the “$2k Running Craigslist Car” floor of depreciation so she could always throw them on eBay when she’s done.)

The Cryorig we already have sitting around from an unrelated build but I think it’ll do the job at least a little better than a circa 2011 Intel stock cooler.


yeah it’s a shame about the non-K because otherwise I would have zero reservations about spending whatever money you need to make the build come together but this I would actually want to replace within a year or two


well, the board is an Asus H61 thing and having one of those with a 2500k in it, I can tell you that it won’t let you overclock via multiplier adjustment and even restricts Sandy Bridge to DDR3-1333 and the only way to run the RAM you have at its rated speed is with an Ivy Bridge processor


doesn’t matter because the 1070 is more or less the last card the 2500k can run comfortably before you hit CPU bottlenecks and odds are you still wouldn’t be saturating dem lanes

also the dream of quad core is slowly dying and if you don’t think so, go jump on a 64-man BF server and tell me what your GPU utilization looks like