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yeah, I think the interesting question right now is whether CUDA can maintain or grow its (relative) general purpose dominance


Can I get a summary of how CUDA muscled out OpenCL? Am I wrong to remember OpenCL getting an early foothold?


better tooling, AMD hardware wasn’t competitive enough for “cross-platform” support to matter, and Nvidia is deliberately generous towards the research community. I know a lot of software that added an OpenCL codepath back before GPUs were nearly as powerful relative to CPUs as they are now, and those OpenCL codepaths rarely got used at that time.

barely-relatedly, if anyone is ever in the position of saying “well, I have access to Premiere Pro, but I sure wish I could bypass Adobe’s lousy encoder and just use ffmpeg directly for exports,”

worked great for me today


People viewed it as two competing products and the Nvidia ecosystem was more comfortable (and subsidized)?


and also much more powerful post-2014 or so, yeah


Car Mechanic Simulator has a bunch of releases but 2015 is the best, with the DLC you get a nice variety of crummy four cylinder daily commuters, 70s muscle cars with ridiculous carbs, and the insane Russian rear-engine shitbox that has the exhaust manifold cover wrapped around half the car so changing the spark plugs involves missing one component and taking the rear axle out


first time I can remember getting excited about a power supply review


all hail our new king

this thing is important mostly because it has a good ol’ DSUB output on the back, which means you can use Zen APUs with the EmuDriver in a tiny package

such a thing is important for like, 2 or 3 people here.


damn for a second I thought AsRock was mass producing the equivalent of the Dan A4


no one is ever going to mass-produce something so inherently niche except for that time Raijintek made the Orphion and that thing is violently sold out in NA

alternatively, you could get the Geeek A50/60

(same case, the 60 supports radiators for watercooling)

the caveat to the cost of these cases being they are 1. made of acrylic and 2. you have to assemble them


ok so i know enough to know you are talking about CRT emudriver which allows for outputting groovyMAME and other emulators to CRTs at (near?) original resolutions and refresh rates, and i have heard that this is only feasible with specific AMD(/ATI?) GPUs, blah blah

but you’re saying this works on newer ryzen APUs?


as of an update earlier this year, of interest is support for:

  • Desktop:
    • Radeon RX Vega Series Graphics
    • Radeon™ RX 500 Series Graphics
    • Radeon™ RX 400 Series Graphics
    • AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo
  • Ryzen:
    • AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
    • AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

and then, arguably of greater interest, late last year Calamity did some stuff for properly supporting HMDI->VGA adapters which is the one true way forward.


looking at the post, the big note of support is the Athlon APUs with R3 graphics, mostly because the 200GE is 50 dollars and I would assume a 2c/4t part is enough to get the job done


says the guy who looked at the price of the 200GE and went “well, the 2200G is only 30 bucks more, why not”


I should probably also bring up that AMD recently (this week-recently) rolled mobile Zen APUs into the mainline Radeon driver so odds are a new emudriver version will support future AMD-based laptops too


This is all for displaying on a CRT monitor via VGA right?




i actually have an HD 7770 with VGA out but it’s old and i probably damaged it by not dusting it when it got too dusty. might be worth a shot futzing with it at some point, though


1 year ago: everything is expensive

today: some no-name assholes selling 8 gig sticks of DDR4 for 40 bucks


I built my new computer at literally the worst possible time

It’s fine though, it’ll probably last me a decade the way things are going