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Upgraded to a 1440p monitor from a 1080p monitor, and I cannot fathom how much more space this seems to create. Wow!!


I just jumped to 1440p from an 1440x900 monitor, and wow. Sideways jumps!


I use a Viewsonic Optiquest Q71 CRT at 1024 x 768. IDK I have dual 4Ks at work and feel like I need to decompress when I go home.


I went from 1080p to 4k, so imagine how I feel. It fucking blew my mind. I’m still getting used to the change in resolution a couple weeks later.


I have a 1440p main monitor, a 4K projector, a vertical 1680x1050, an ancient 1024x768 iPad hooked up via duet, and a lil’ 1280x800 10" screen


I just got a 1440p monitor and my 1080p monitor got put on vertical duty doing important things

actually my favorite dumb thing is Windows apparently respects HDR in the alt-tab selection box


I had to abruptly airlift a cat into another room a while back and tripped over my laptop power cable when I did. The laptop slid off the sofa and folded the Steam controller dongle in half. I guess it’s possible to update the controller firmware to just use Bluetooth, but apparently all the USB 2.0 cables I can find are only for charging, not for data? This hasn’t caused me as many headaches as that 18-month period with a corrupted install of Windows XP in which we could only launch software through the task manager, but it’s close simply for being so frivolous.


Trying to figure out a solution for having both my Index and 144hz monitor plugged in at once. My GPU only has one DisplayPort input, but it also has a DVI in. I bought a DisplayPort and DVI cable only to discover it is actually a DisplayPort to DVI cable, meaning my monitor can’t receive a signal with it. And then I learn that even if it could receive a signal, it couldn’t run at 144hz… Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do, having only one DisplayPort input but two devices that need to run at a high refresh rate?

first of all, you mean output, not input (sorry, it’s just harder to read that way).

second – it sounds like you probably can’t do this. DisplayPort is splitter-friendly (the spec technically allows you to do like 3 displays per port, up to the card’s limit, which is usually higher than the number of outputs on the card itself), but high refresh rates generally aren’t splitter friendly, and you’d have to try and return a bunch of adapters to amazon to be sure. But, regardless, I can tell you that your solution is going to involve ignoring the DVI entirely, if one can even be found; DVI is best thought of as strictly a legacy standard, and it’s true, there’s no hardware that will let you go DVI->DP.

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That’s really clear Felix, thanks for the info. I wonder if a HDMI 2.1 cable will work, as HDMI is also an option with my monitor.

Does your card support HDMI 2.1? If it’s older than an RTX 30X0 it most likely doesn’t

to be honest I can’t remember the nuances of when you can go from HDMI to DP (and whether those refresh rates are available <HDMI 2.1), but I currently have my VR headset hooked up via DP → HDMI and it works just fine at 90hz, so I think you should be able to figure something out there.

Yeah I’m just on a 2060 so HDMI 2.1 isn’t even an option there, but maybe I can try a DP to HDMI solution. That might just be the best way to do things for now. If only the 2060 had two DP :frowning:

FWIW, I have this adapter outputting 4k 120Hz going from DP 1.4 to HDMI:


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ooh I’ll consider gettin this. gotta think about the price but this seems like a great solution too.

club3d stuff is good in general, if you don’t need full-on 4k120 then you should be able to go with one of their cheaper adapters


I recommend using the Club 3D cable they recommend: “Functionality is also dependent on the HDMI M/M cable used. In combination with this CAC-1085 adapter, we advise using HDMI Male/Male cable of 28AWG Quality or above, like the Club 3D CAC-1371 and/or CAC-1372 up to 2m/ 6.56 ft max.”

This adapter has a lot of negative reviews, but I chalk it up to folks not having the exact combination of hardware Club 3D specifies you need.

Ah yeah, I may have misread your situation. You may not need that heavy of artillery here.

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