Games in which you have to scale a tower. Usually seemingly endless, reaching into the sky.

#Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory

#Rengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.

#Quantum Theory

#Lost in Shadow

#Pandora’s Tower




Final Fantasy Legend

Tartarus in Persona 3

The Infinity Spire in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (bonus dungeon, does it count?)

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Azure Dreams


Parasite Eve’s NG+ mode:

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Tower of Geheimnis, the as yet unreleased dungeon crawl by SB’s own Apol.


i feel like Tower of Druaga is important to mention even if it never provides any visual of the tower.

#Megaman X8

“taking a ride on a space elevator” has to be my all-time favorite concept for an autoscroll level (and then you fight the final boss on the moon; perfect).

This came out a few days ago, seems to qualify.

Also I guess that one Battletoads stage

Game Boy cover to the rescue:

Also, more Game Boy tower scaling goodness:

(This game has my favorite Game Boy chiptunes.)

And of course Nebulus aka Castelian aka Tower Toppler:

(Which I played in 1994 lying in a hospital bed. Good memories though.)

Also got an Amiga sequel:

And not really, but actually, why not:

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Tower of Guns, it’s a small tower until you get to the endless mode, then it is an infinite tower.

shin megami tensai iv has you descending from the sky down a giant tower

Tower of Heaven

In which you climb a tower to heaven while God tells you a bunch of things you can’t do. Lovely game.

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Magic Sword (Capcom, 1990)


I have to admit, I am more of a flying city kind of guy.

Nocturne - Kagutsuchi tower

Digital Devil Saga

Legend Of Grimrock, I don’t know if this count 'cause it’s more a mountain than a tower. even if it has a gigantic dungeon inside

I know Illusion of Gaia has Babel, but I don’t have a good shot.

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Tartarus from Persona 3

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Tattered Spire from Fable II

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FFXIV Crystal Tower

FFL The Tower

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