Or, watching a woman work out her aesthetics in semi real time.


I thought this was gonna be a continuation of the Skyrim discussion and we finally got to see what shenanigans your anthropomorphic tigress thief got up to


The sad fact is I only played her for a bit because I was in college and despite having a lot of reasons to question my gender identity at the time, I didn’t.

In retrospect it was part of why I was deeply miserable.

But I still took some solace from the tiger thief guy who stole everything in Skyrim.

I always was pissed off that you had to sell your soul to demons to complete the thieve’s guild quest line, because I feel like a true master thief would simply steal the power for themself.




the differences in character designs in all the patlabor continuities are wild

noa_6 index


[Oshii Saturation level at 20%===>Oshii Level Increasing===>Oshii Saturation level now at 100% | Maximum safe Oshii Saturation Level reached]

Seriously though, it’s wild seeing how many aesthetic variants she got over all the different adaptions. For an avatar I went cute and stylized, but I really like that there’s this many takes on her.


Man Noa is a beautiful robosexual and I won’t stand to see her degraded in any fashion


Thank you Bov!

…my IRL name is Noa

(I picked it mostly because I liked it’s meaning of ‘motion’ compared to my previous Name ‘Noah’ meaning ‘rest’ and both were biblical and I wanted to keep that up. Also it’s pronounced the same way so people don’t know they’re calling me the right name but I do. I am not a white girl with an anime name, I assure everyone)


(It’s my aesthetic thread and if I want to explain my name I can)




This is a safe space to admit that if daughter ever happens, I’m lobbying for Noa while pointing at the Hebrew origin of the name while secretly thinking “my beautiful girl is going to be the weirdest tomboy cop”


While talking about theoretical baby names, Noa is the only one my sister didn’t respond to with “what the actual fuck is wrong with you”


I’m just eternally bitter that everyone I’ve spoken to in person doesn’t like Hildegard


Hildegard totally rules though. It sounds like a grandma that can kick your ass.

And you can go by Hildy when you’re young

Seems good to me as a woman who picked her name as an adult and has no conesquences from having a weird name in school so who definitely has proper perspective here.


How DARE you post boobsuit Samus


I didn’t even notice! I just thought she looked like a cool aggressive space beetle lady.


our new, uh, what’s the opposite of a sacred cow


Profane bull

(Or, if you like, golden calf)


In my defense that still makes it fine for this thread since it’s not the only piece of power armor with defined titty contours.

Like subconsciously, there was an aesthetic theme in my mind.

Guiding me.

To the variety of garbage fire girl I truly am.


Sorry I didn’t mean to crap up your breakout aesthetic thread boobsuit Samus just makes me see red

(I am actually very behind other kinds of boobsuits. Context!)