Oh, that’s nice to know. After dying on this part, I set the game aside. I thought I had to beat them all, and I didn’t feel like grinding for more continues. (I didn’t have any left when I reached this part.)


For those attempting pacifist runs, the game does acknowledge never taking a shot in the stage as well as playing normally and letting the timer run out on the boss fight.

Stage 2 has a particularly nasty section that has you following a cramped crate track while randomly placed eye blocks are firing slow aimed shots.


thinking of putting together a faq for this game, mapping out all its books and crannies is the most engaged i’ve felt with a video game in a long long time


That would be amazing.


I can confirm getting closer to an enemy with your fire deals more damage; I manage to handily take 5 less seconds in the first boss of the game. I can almost get the second bonus in stage 2 due to that but there’s one in the second wave that has been eluding me every time. Going behind bosses does have them return fire in a risk/reward tradeoff; it’s possible to stay in those patterns and rip through them faster but the window of safety is heavily reduced.

Stage 1’s mini-boss can give the bonus out earlier but you have to be right in its face to do it fast enough. Well worth it though, killing it before is about 600 more points.

I suspect that the 2-1 boss is a place for gaining loads of points but not confirmed how it works and for how long you can run it for. Apart from that you want to be chaining through the entire stage (most allow for that) and then overloading for the best points. I got something around 47k in the first stage by keeping that in mind (multiplier doesn’t count during boss fights). Sometimes this means holding off on finishing off a wave; a good example of this is after the stage 2 miniboss.


I guess this is my corner, huh? Patch dropped, gamepad is now reconfigurable, you can toggle auto-fire of your third attack and there’s two more colour choices to use!

2-1 boss does eventually fade away but the alternate rocket spam it does seems ripe for collecting a lot of points. The prayer beads attack gradually gets replaced with bombs to keep you awake and moving.


I haven’t gone back to it despite it almost certainly being my GOTY.

I have come to calmer mind and I still think it is in my top 5 shooters. Every time I boot it up I am shocked how good it is.

I also still haven’t beaten it.

I hope everyone gets a chance to two player it. The two player mode is equally incredible and generous.


Yeah I saw there’s a patch but haven’t booted up the game since. More color options is nice! But no new game mode, I guess? Must be coming later then


gamepad compatibility is still a godsend

this game still rules


I’ve been playing this the past few days, and don’t really have anything new to say but god damn it’s excellent! Almost one-credited the first loop. Still need to beat the final thing!


It’s got cards and badges now!


plz make a mac version i want to play


it should probably install fine on Mac with steam’s new built in wine layer

you have to toggle something in steam’s config to say “go ahead and use this for games we haven’t white listed” but then it should just install and run




dunkey put zeroranger in his top 15 games of 2018 so hopefully that means more people will check it out!!


Who or what is Dunkey???


popular funny guy gaming YouTuber. if you ever wondered who was responsible for Knack 2 being a meme, it’s him.


Wow, that’s super great! I saw that video in my feed yesterday but didn’t watch it yet. That’s gotta be good for sales.


i played a little of this with @nocode. it’s exciting!! when i have a computer again i will cop


Yo, can I get a schoolyard hint over here?

I’m stuck on the boss fight on 2-4 with the goddess(?). I noticed the timer in the top right corner and figured I just had to wait out the 240 sec, then the fight would end. So I just dodged like crazy and then… nothing. So how do you actually do damage in this fight? When I was shooting the first time I saw her, it seemed like the lifebar never went down, so that’s why I figured it was a run out the clock fight. What am I missing?

Also, thanks to the sb hivemind – probably would have never picked up this game if not for hearing about it on sb, really enjoyed it so far.