there's no place like

gba pokemon emerald
gba pokemon emerald

gba battle network 5
gba battle network 5

ds medarot
ds medarot ds

ds otoda master
ds otoda master

gba onmyou taisenki zeroshiki
gba Onmyou Taisenki Zeroshiki (Game Boy Advance).jpg

gba shin kisekae monogatari
gba Shin Kisekae Monogatari

gba snap kids
gba snap kids
gba snap kids 2

gba uchuu daisakusen choco vader
gba Uchuu Daisakusen Choco Vader - Uchuu kara no Shinryakusha

gba yu-gi-oh 2005
gba Yu-Gi-Oh! 2005

gba zero one
gba Zero_One

gba dangerous jisan
gba zettaizetsumei dangerous jisan

gbc card captor sakura
gbc Card Captor Sakura Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho!

gbc digimon
gbc Digimon 3

gbc kisekae monogatari
gbc Kisekae_Monogatari

gbc great battle pocket
gbc The Great Battle Pocket

mega cd baku den unbalanced zone
mega cd Baku-Den-Unbalanced-Zone

pc98 shuten doji
pc98 shuten doji 643289

pce hazsukoi monogatari

sfc zero 4 champ

ps1 angelique special
ps1 angelique_special 1
ps1 angelique_special 2

ps1 ayakashi ninden
ps1 ayakashi_ninden

ps1 chou hatsumei boy

ps1 doraemon
ps1 doraemon3 boyroom
ps1 doraemon3 girlroom
ps1 doraemon3 heroroom

ps1 medarot
ps1 medarot_r

ps1 conan
ps1 Meitantei_Conan

ps1 my garden
ps1 my_garden

ps1 roommate
ps1 roommate 1
ps1 roommate 2

ps1 smt
ps1 smt

wii doale
wii doale

3dsware the uwaki kareshi
3dsware The Uwaki Kareshi 1
3dsware The Uwaki Kareshi 2


One of my many incomplete selectbutton thread ideas, finally in its incomplete form. Gotta start somewhere. I wanted to go through every Pokemon, Battle Network and Medarot game, and possibly every other saturday morning cartoon game I can find, but then I got sidetracked by visual novels and eroges and their beautiful illustrations of Japanese homes.

dc izumo
dc Izumo

ps2 Haru no Ashioto
ps2  Haru no Ashioto Step of Spring (SLPM_663.18)

pc dos dokyusei
pc dos dokyusei
pc dos runaway city
pc dos runaway-city_15
pc dos seasons of sakura

And then there’s town views!

dc angel present
dc Angel_Present town
dc Angel_Present

And stuff that’s not a home but looks cool.

ps1 click medic
ps1 Click Medic

And then there’s also those games that aren’t Japanese. You know. They exist. Sometimes they interest me.

pc touche-the-adventures-of-the-fifth-musketeer-dos-screenshot

So little time, so much to do and see. I just can’t focus on a single task these days. But thankfully, someone already did all the work for the Pokemans.


What’s the last one from? That one’s the most my style!


That place still gives me the creeps

Persona 4


this actually seems like it might be show-accurate. i wonder if there are like, official blueprints that they got to use


There’s a lot of checkerboard rugs

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Wonder boy in monster world


I guess you gotta put Devotion in here

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This is perhaps the key reason Shenmue is so beloved. It leans into this nostalgic aesthetic so hard that the every gameplay element is in service of it.

Sometimes I boot it up just to walk around Dobuita for an evening.



I literally gasped when I saw the furniture placement UI for I Want To Live In Loopy Town

It’s such an elegant way of allowing you to modify 3D space with 2D graphics on low power hardware. I hope whoever made that menu is proud of their work.


That’s spoilers but also cool and I love that game.

@BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE: Let me check my folder it is “pc touche-the-adventures-of-the-fifth-musketeer-dos-screenshot.png”

Ahhh, I know that game! I think I had a demo of it when I was little and never got the full game. It looked so cool though!

Sometimes it’s better to not get the full game. I remember that the demo for Flight of the Amazon Queen (I think was the name?) was really good and when I finally got the game and got past what was in the demo I was disappointed. Wasn’t as cool of a game the whole way through

Cool thread idea btw, really digging it

I lost my home in which I lived most of my life not too long ago. It hurt a lot. It still does. I dream about it often. It was the best place. I will never live in a place as nice again. But I can’t complain. My new place doesn’t feel like home and probably never will, but it’s alright. I am lucky to have it. And I still have my memories.