The threeds is 10 years old.

Huh. Sure does have a small must have library for that situation.

I’d look/update the wiki but I don’t have an easy link on the frontpage of the site ;_;

I type ‘wi’ in my address bar and up it pops- - - - - - - -

I google sb recommends every single time which is far longer to type than the actual address.

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FWIW, I’d propose the following should be in that list:

Bravely Default
Etrian Odyssey IV (and to a lesser extent EO1 and EO2 Untold)
Any of the Sega 3D Classics releases by M2
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Fire Emblem: Fates
Kirby: Planet Robobot (I don’t even need to play it to know)

Maybe not “must have”, but pretty good games:
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Link Between Worlds
OoT and Majora’s Mask 3D (not “must have” only due to them not being new, but the quality of the releases is top notch and the games are classics)
Code Name: STEAM
Project X Zone
Shinobi (super underrated)
Crimson Shroud

On firenze’s must have list that list filled with having to be a very specific kind of gamer. I dont doubt Fire Emblems are very good if you want soap opera SRPG. Or Bravely Default for JRPG -Under New Management and Recently Renovated-.

I will mention that intro to Bravely Default is really really cool.

Kind of the best use of 3D is ports of twenty year old games.

Attack of the friday monsters and Crimson Shroud are must haves if you own a 3DS. But dont buy one for them. I wish Starship Damphrey had been an actual game.

There is the Phoenix Wright Collection and one of the worse PW games. Layton vs PW is great though.

I know you kids go nuts for SMTIV but that game relies too much on the battle system carrying you. There is a 10 hour story in an 80 hour game.

There are very few things in the library Id give an A to.

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  1. Kokuga
  2. Attack of the Friday Monsters

…five years, huh?

There’s plenty of nice stuff to play on there but nothing you can’t play cheaper, older, or better incarnations of on other systems


I think the 3ds is a pretty good system

the sb wiki is pretty anemic on that front but there are many games I still want to play on the thing.

Also I don’t think Kokuga is a good game. Definitely boring.

The only real problem with the 3ds is how massively uncomfortable it is to hold for more than 5 minutes. My hands cramp up immediately because it is a too-thin rectangle.

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I saw this today and felt sad

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Kokuga is one of those secret multiplayer games.

LbW is pretty good if you really need a sequel to LttP. 3D Land is fine. I guess.

Ive had the system since 3d Land came out and own 5 physical games for it and want to sell at least 3 of them.

I think about games I want for it and its stuff in genres I have to ask myself if I want another one. And the answer is no.

Legend of Legacy (Do I want SaGa?)
Fantasy Life (Do I want a perfectly find be a carpenter if you want to JRPG)
Etrian Mysterious Dungeon (I’ve barely touched any Shiren, will I even give this any time)
Etrian Untold (still haven’t touched EOIV)
Code of Princess
Yokai Watch (I don’t have interest in Pokemon though?)

Fantasy Life is a strange game, kind of at the intersection of trad jrpg and harvest moon but in a very different way from the Rune Factory games. I do like it, mostly because it is one of those games that tacitly allows for multiple styles of pacifist playthrough and distances itself from traditional jrpg plotting.

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Recommending Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Rune Factory 4 from my smallish library.

It’s a pretty pale comparison to my DS collection. Think I ran into the same problem as Rudie did; nothing in particular really stands out that can’t be found on other systems beyond what’s already mentioned (Bravely Default, Link Between Worlds, Fantasy Life).

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Like everything else on the 3DS, it’s at best a slightly inferior sequel to a Japanese genre installment that had its day a decade ago

“slightly inferior sequel” may still be worthwhile to many people in many cases, but nevertheless


Yeah I think Kokuga is straight up trash.

I think that’s a little bit unfair in that ANY game is going to appeal more to a certain type of gamer (Except Dog Days. That’s for everyone.) But I’ll give you that the list did skew a bit JRPG-ish, so for someone who just hates JRPGs, well, yeah, not gonna be into those particular entries. Still, there’s a reason those games show up on 3DS… that’s simply where the best JRPG makers went to ply their trade, so that kind of game makes up a decent chunk of the system software highlights.

It’s not really that out there to say that the 3DS Fire Emblems and Bravely Default are sitting up there among the absolute best in their entire genres across all platforms over the past decade or so. If you hate SRPGs/old school console JRPGs they are probably not going to be your cup of tea, but for anyone with an interest in the style they’re shining examples of the best of the best.

Also, if you are going to criticize those kinds of entries I can’t see how you would recommend Crimson Shroud (which I also noted!) as somehow more capable of being a must play for the masses. That’s a game filling an even more esoteric niche that a lot of people aren’t going to enjoy.

Hey though, PUSHMO has super broad appeal. So does Luigi’s Mansion (underrated but excellent), really good remasters of the N64 Zeldas, and Mario (I forgot 3D Land and that prob goes on my list too). And more people need to play 3DS Shinobi, dammit.

In addition to Rudie and Felix’s comments, I like the game but intentionally left it off because:
(1) I think for first person dungeon-crawly stuff, even on the same system SMT4 isn’t as good as the Etrian Odyssey 3DS releases, and
(2) SMT IV: Final may well be superior even in its own series.
(3) If you’re a big SMT fan, you might even be like me and enjoy the long overdue official English localization of Soul Hackers more than SMT IV.

Question: any Japan only games even approaching must have status? The only one I can think of that really upsets me that it wasn’t localized was the Kunio Kun remake, and I know that’s just my curiosity and the game probably isn’t even very good.

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