As usual the plot is unintelligible but that F-104 taking off from the desert was gorgeous

More naked planes please


i still love the plots of the older AC games even if they’re just kind of “serious anime”. i mean, these guys aren’t storytellers, but they do have their own little world of nations, mythology, and cool futuristic super weapons that’s kind of charming. I got a little emotional during that one AC5 mission with the stadium and everyone in the crowd starts singing their fake national anthem. i love that they wrote a national anthem for a fictional country. they’re japanese writers trying to tell a western war-story that touches on big human ideas like nationality, patriotism, the horrors of war, but from an eastern perspective, so everything has always felt a little mis-matched in tone, but they’re so damn earnest about it that I can’t help but give them a pass. I legitimately enjoy it.

Anyway, I’m glad it looks like we’re getting another one of these games in this day and age, tone intact and all.


Oh I definitely enjoy it, the AC series is probably the one where I’ve completed the most games

Just, I couldn’t actually tell you the plots of any of them because they’re all just kind of the same war stories mashed together


air force porn
ruff ‘n’ tuff mechanic gal
non-sensical bullshit plot
prop-driven air fortresses
here we fuckin’ go boyos


This thread inspired me to play my first ace combat game

Very yes

AC3 is p weird!


there is a reason why they list a “lead radio script” person in the credits.
AC is basically like the stereotypical boys-version of a good night fairy tale á la “a blue dove for the princess” (Razgriz et al, as we all remember).

Good guys, bad guys, bad-ass princesses/ladies/gals that take the fight to the bad guys, best buddies comradship between grumpy and naive warriors, comeback of the underdogs on the brink of defeat, all out battle with high stakes, bittersweet happy end:
Who wouldn’t like a story like this when 8 years old? And AC7 seems to be another, wonderful entry in this series.

=> I am so down for taking to the skies again, and basking in these rare moments of winging the tide of war with countless stupidly honest buddies chattering away over the airwaves about their faux countries, dreams, families, hopes and fears ~~~


I’ll probably buy it on release to support the future of the franchise, but will hold off from playing until I get a VR set.

If we could only get a new Ridge Racer now…


Some off-screen gameplay. Definitely looking like a return to form.

Rerelease 04.


fired up ace combat 2 because of this. you know, the series will never be as 80s as this one is. that synth rock goodness.


a night sortie called One Night Stand with this song as BGM:

those Namco motherfuckers were firing on all cylinders back in the day!!!

the PSX era night sorties were something, weren’t they?



this was really cool to see



Is there any word on the release date other than “2018”? so hype


I went ahead and pre-ordered this for PS4 - Amazon lists the release date as 12/31/2018 which I’m sure is a placeholder

I guess there’s supposed to be a Steam version - how are Namco’s PC ports? I’m wondering if the PC version will be super extra pretty and worth the hassle



It’s been a few years and I haven’t played it myself, but the PC version of Assault Horizon turned out well, from what I’ve heard, as did the Tales ports. Should be a safe bet.

If I haven’t built a new PC by the time this is out, it might sell me on a discounted PS4 VR headset.



they just should ship this already … they have my money, what more do they want … ;__;