the soul calibur vi creations thread


i don’t know how many here have this, but if anyone does, i want to see your ocs! (i won’t steal them)

odsetseg comes from a civilisation hidden high on the mountaintops of central asia. thanks to a mysterious natural vent that releases a lighter-than-air gas, these people were discovering travel by flight at around the same point in history that people in other parts of the the world started building ocean-faring ships. (this is a setting that i’ve had in my head for years and never done anything with)

king beetle might be my longest-surviving character. originally creted as a villain to fight against in wrestling games many years ago, he was one of the most interesting characters i made up in that era, so he survived to become a morally neutral character. he’s an immortal warrior who travels the multiverse seeking worthy opponents and the thrill of battle.

electrostansia, who’s name is 2 characters too long for soul calibur vi, is one of my newest characters, so she isn’t very fleshed out yet. she’s also another character originally created for use in wrestling games and her backstory is that she’s a wrestling robot created by scientists in the soviet union, to embody the ussr’s dominance of both sports and science.


not an oc, but taki is now a sukeban


new creation items in the paid dlc and also a few for free in the recent update

i’m not getting the dlc until i’ve finished secret of mana though


some recent stuff~


new creation parts out this week