The Rules



Half rollicking argument about videogames, half self-absorbed inanity.


Selectbutton is an open-registration forum focused primarily on critical
and casual discussion of videogames. We also discuss other media,
culture, society, and philosophy.

We are a relatively small, tight-knit community of creative and
intellectual-type people. Our minimal posting rules reflect our respect
and trust for each other. We invite new users to post a small
introduction in this thread.

The Rules

  1. Don’t use slurs or similar offensive language except in direct quotation.
    Implied bigotry will receive moderator attention.

  2. Don’t use someone’s identity as leverage against them.
    Personalized bigotry will likewise receive moderator attention.

  3. Don’t post NSFW material except behind clearly marked links.

  4. Keep it civil.

SB hates everyone’s favorite game. Discussions here as elsewhere can
become heated, but we draw a line between tastemaking and insulting

Please do call someone’s favorite game a piece of shit.

Please do not call someone a piece of shit.

Moderation Staff Response

  • By posting here, you consent to allow the moderation
    staff to take whatever action it ultimately deems necessary to resolve

  • If a poster has repeatedly shown that he or she cannot co-exist
    peacefully with the community, for whatever reason, and that poster is
    unwilling to leave, that poster will be banned.

  • Minor violations will be moved to the Forum Axe or deleted outright. Expect a warning via PM.

  • Minor violations of the general rules described above generally include
    accidental violations, first-time violations, and errors made in good
    faith. We will consider each situation individually.

  • Major violations will result in a ban. At our discretion, this ban may be temporary or permanent.

  • Major violations include flagrant, knowing violations of any of the
    specific principles described above, as well as general disrespect for
    others when this tone has not been amended in good faith.

  • Ban evasion will be met with an instant reban.

SB has as much of a hands-off a moderation policy as possible. We will
consider a reasoned appeal to any sentence we impose, but we will always
do what we think is best for the community as a whole.

Please keep open discussions of administrative activity in the Forum
Axe. These conversations, while valued, are internal matters. We don’t
want to muck up the positive and directed discussions of the public
forums with procedural and administrative talk.