The intersection between survival games, power fantasy, and cucking has begun. I hate that word so much, but turning it into a game mechanic just takes advantage of the subset of gamers who are into this game and also into masochism/punishment. It’s like the mechanic in Castle Doctrine where you can kill someone’s wife except less objectifying of women, less in your face about reproduction, and more about valuing the dick above all else.

I’ m so sorry.


just once I’d like to have seen something like this coming


Different genre.


No more humans in videogames or any other medium


I want to believe actual cuckold fetishists are looking at how the internet has co-opted the word and shake their heads in disbelief

maybe in between finding guys to nail their wives


Within this realm, I think it’s the dudes who are into other people banging their wives who are the least offensive.

The people who are most offensive are the ones who get off on denying other people their reproductive organs.

I’d probably play until I lopped off some MRA dude’s balls. I don’t know if that makes me even more offensive.


I want to believe actual cuckold fetishists are looking at how the internet has co-opted the word and masturbating furiously


channel ur avatar more


Wait do the alt-right types use “cuck” as in “castrated”?

Oh. It was funnier when I thought all of them were inexplicably obsessed with cuck porn.


this game is free on ps plus and boy is sure something

between conan himself being a frazetta esque cromag looking guy and the game basically endorsing actual slavery

weird conan saves you from dying in the desert and the game immediately becomes about forcing people to die in the desert for you


The game is definitely, We saw Rust’s State of Nature simulation and realized that lines up with the Conan universe, and we happen to have the rights just lying around. And an experienced dev team doing nothing more than shipping updates to Secret World…

Player domination in these Rust-likes walks an interesting line between an imaginative digressive space and an abuse modeler. I think the guaranteed resets and general lack of continuity in Rust do a lot of work to frame it within social exploration, a kind of large-scale playground game. The potential for abuse in a classic MMO, with longstanding social ties and reputation, increases the damage players can suffer.

And I think contextualizing the experience like this matters; player brutality in Conan or Rust exists within a harshness simulation whose structure is designed to make the player feel disempowered. Casual abuse in games like shooters where it’s not core to the aesthetic goes against what most of the players are there for.