Leaderboard for Fish Fly Fever as of 3/1/2021 (please excuse my slapdash MSPaint skills)

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Hi, I asked in the Hi-Scores thread if people would be interested in a score chasing club. I described this club as one in which we would choose one game that we’d compete in over the course of several weeks. I would update a leader board at the top of the thread and we would share tips with each other. Several of you figuratively said, “yeah, that would be cool.”

Instead of putting up nominations and passing things onto a vote, I’d like to suggest that we use a pass-the-conch style of selection. So basically, if you throw your name into the hat, you have a chance to win sole privilege of choosing the game that we focus on. Benefits to this are that it could potentially bring up more unique games and show off some personality from each poster. Drawbacks are that people might not be into the game or it might be something that’s relatively hard to acquire. I think the first problem is not that bad considering we might stick to a short two/three week regiment. What do you all think?

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With a large proportion of voters saying they are cool with passing the conch, it’s time to create a list of people that can be raffled. On Monday, I will draw a name from the bingo machine. That person will have until the next Monday to choose a game in which they want us to chase scores. After two weeks of score chasing, a new raffle will begin and the next game will be selected. Once you’ve been chosen in the raffle, your name will be removed from future selections until everyone else has had a chance to pick a game. I think this will be really fun!

  • Put me in the bingo machine

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What a cool idea! Count me in. As far as what could be suggested, I have complete rom sets for NES, SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GBA so if there is anything from those systems someone wants to recommend but is maybe difficult to find then arrangements could probably be made.

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oh HELL yeah i know what im picking


Now is the moment everyone has been waiting for! The winner is…

bingo machine


Please, take your time and choose a game before next Monday. For everyone else, better luck next time!


hi everyone here’s the game i picked!!

:gem: :bell: :honeybee: :hatched_chick: fish fly fever :hatched_chick: :honeybee: :bell: :gem:

it was in the big bundle last year so it’s really likely everyone here has it already, if not and you don’t wanna spend five dollars just let me know and i’ll let you borrow my zip file and venmo froach five dollars for you. full disclosure minipete and markeryjane (the artist formerly known as rio8) are friends of mine but this is actually a game i really really like and have spent a lot of time with

each of the nine fish flies have different mechanics and accordingly independent high scores, so while the main competition should probably be on the first default fish fly there’s eight others you can compete on and submit scores for if you want to as you unlock them! speaking of, here’s my first high score submission i got while demoing the game for some people in discord the other day (only count the first score don’t count the others i just wanted to show the discord call those flies’ songs lol)

in addition to the high score battle i’m also really interested to see who’ll be able to beat the third boss and loop the game first, to get this score you pretty much have to. when you beat the third boss there’s a little ending sequence before the game loops and a special song plays that few on this earth have ever witnessed…

anyways i hope everyone likes this and is okay with it if anyone needs help let me know i guess :ok_woman:


This looks gooooood! Have you played it on iOS? Do you have a preference?

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i have played it on ios! ios might be the way to go for some people just for comfort, it’s a nice game to have on your phone, but comfort is like the only determining factor i think. for me it’s comfy on desktop because i can scale the window up and use my keyboard, but i’ve been mostly bedridden lately so i might reinstall it on my phone and play it in bed over the next two weeks and that’s nice too. they didn’t rework the ui for desktop and that might irk some people a little bit? it’s in portrait orientation and the big arrows at the bottom of the screen you would tap to turn in the ios version are still there; i don’t think either of these things are problems and they’re the only two things like that i can think of, but i can see them being something that bugs some people here a little so maybe ios is the way to go for them


I played a little bit while waiting for an update to download. This music is so chill! I can’t get past the first boss :egg:


I think that is exactly the score I got on my first try. On my second, I got one point fewer. But I am not very good at video games.

This was a good choice. I didn’t even know I owned the game and might never have tried it.


…Would you believe that out of the 400 or so games from that giant bundle I added to my itch library this wasn’t one of them? What’re the odds?


I like! So far I’ve only scored 78 with the fourth fish fly unlocked. first boss is pretty easy if you circle around it.


there’s a quick kill on the first boss you can do with the default fish fly i can show off at some point, i don’t think it’ll help much until you’re comfy beating it normally but it makes it a breeze. the second boss is the real wall i think, i anticipate it giving a lot of people trouble :rocket:

also if you click or tap the shopkeeper mouse it will squeak, and you must squeak the mouse every time you meet them for good luck


I beat the first boss :fried_egg:

I found it was easier if I thought about it like sewing, and now that croc is tearing at the seams :smiling_imp:. I’m going to update the top post to make space for a leaderboard. If you’ve got scores you want posted, let me know and I’ll add them!

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wow yeah this game rips ass good pick


I know miffy already offered as well, but if anyone would like to participate in this but is broke I would also be willing to sponsor a few copies of the game. Just PM me and I will send you the game as an gift. (I got my copy for free, after all, and creators should be supported.)


I did a little better this time.


I made it to the first boss after a dozen or so tries. This is hard!


When I hit about 120 points, my pizza showed up and the delivery driver kept knocking on the door. Further ratcheting up the tension!


For whatever reason my screenshot program when it takes pictures of this game only returns a pure white screen, so please take me at my word that I’m not lying about my high score being 54.

I have no idea how to play this game well (I believe my most common score so far is 3) so I got my high score by just trying not to die and hoping enemies more or less killed themselves. Then the boss appeared and I had to do something and that was that.