The Moon Fields


Thanks for the feedback.

1- How do people feel about doubling up on controls? The file above also takes arrow keys for movement, and if someone wants/needs to aim in analog they can just grab the mouse.

2- I totally agree about the fatigue of holding down LMB. Two solutions a) keyboard map move-to-mouse b) toggle move-to-mouse

3- I’m positive the final game is going to have button mapping. I’m just not positive about the default setting. I figured click-to-move would he adjacent to stuff like Diablo, but I guess that won’t be the optimum KBM experience


The controls in the demo feel momentum-y and inexact; they sort of remind me of Getting Over It, actually.

And while you can eventually control Getting Over It rather precisely, I don’t think it works in a game where the main mechanic isn’t a control gimmick.

Diablo works a lot differently since you have a pointer and can click where you want to go rather than always moving relative to your character. There’s less of a learning curve and guesswork involved because everyone knows how to move a mouse cursor. Also, it seems a little counter-intuitive, but clicking rapidly (as you would in Diablo or Dota or League of Legends) feels a lot less fatiguing than holding the button.