the matrix comes of age


sure, but in a fight that long it didn’t change the board as much as it should have – the story purpose was supposed to be, “Neo learns he can’t brute force his way past the program”, but that length of time diluted the message and wasted our time. It also confused the heck out of me because it seems to contradict the ending of Matrix 1, but a broad perspective on the series, part 2 as a Messiah learns his limits, gives it more sense…

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Yeah, like i said, the action scenes could have been shortened, (14 yo me still loved the action scenes) but people were so hyped about the action from the first movie they had to go overboard with it.

It’s a glorified action movie and you guys are asking for less action.


“You know what this CGI kung fu movie needs? Less fighting. More convoluted exposition.”

I don’t think you guys really know what you wanted from the sequels.


I’m not an action head and you shouldn’t ask me but I think action scenes should never go beyond 5 minutes – with certain exceptions, like spilling into new areas or They Live’s backalley brawl. I think their pacing and function is similar to songs in musicals – consolidate, work through issues, move it forward, end.


have you ever seen a kung fu movie? they’re not just solid fighting because that’s boring as shit. They pace out the fights so each fight feels exciting, and usually the fights themselves have some kind of embedded storytelling going on even if no one is talking.


Of course a movie needs a story! I never said to cut out all the scenes where they weren’t fighting, did I?

We all wish The Matrix sequels gave us a better story, but it’s just really not there. All I am saying is I can appreciate the little story that is there mixed with the convoluted sci fi and philosophical stuff with the decent action scenes it gave us and call it a pretty good action flick.


It could just be a shorter movie.


Yeah, maybe if they combined Reloaded and Revolutions into one movie it could have been something better and more concise.


Clearly impossible


update: Cornel West is in both of the Matrix sequels, as well as apparently Enter the Matrix. Best film franchise ever, confirmed.

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it’s where it belongs


teefph actually re-cut the two sequels into one film. i probably have it somewhere on my old HDD/laptop. never watched it though, and also it’s p huge so uploading it could be a hassle. hrm


God dammit guys you are gonna make me watch these again

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Just binge on everything Matrix all weekend long Cuba and report back to us with your findings.


The CGI was bad in 2003 though. This was a brief era where certain directors thought that their CGI was good enough that they could switch between real life actors and CGI doppelgangers and no one would notice. The problem was the tech wasn’t there and these scenes always looked terrible. The Matrix and Spiderman films were probably the worst two offenders.


Can you name a movie with better CGI in 2003? I am actually curious.


since username’s thesis is ‘2003 cgi was bad’ they might not be the best person to ask eh


or it’s the Jurassic Park effect – they pushed too hard and too fast, and did new things that looked better but not good enough to pass as photorealistic. The dino CG in '93 Jurassic Park looks better than that in 2005 King Kong, etc.


woops i must have misread what username said. I mean it’s not their fault the CGI was bad in 2003. I appreciate that they tried and probably even pushed CGI further. (from bad to less bad)