the matrix comes of age


I don’t think I’m telling anyone anything new either when I say early scripts had Switch change genders between the real world and the Matrix.

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hah sick

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The Wachowskis seemed to suffer from a Lucasish impulse to push visual effects for the sake of pushing visual effects. There’s a few moments where sticking Keanu on some wires and letting him pose would seem to be relatively simple but instead we get a few sub-ps3 computer frames to bridge the gap.

Keanu’s ability to wear the hell out of clothes that would embarrass all other even slightly white men continues to astonish tho.

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were you not entertained?


All I remember was the Oracle not having a clue about Neo when they first met and afterwards it’s like she’s wired right into his destiny. and then when i saw it in theatres for maybe the third time that day (my weed circle of friends dragged me to a 10 AM saturday matinee, then I had a brunch date with my girlfriend who wanted to see the movie and then in the evening my D&D group went to see it all together and I was there and sick of the film by this point) I literally stood up and exclaimed “he literally accepts a fucking tracking cookie! That’s it! I’m through with this” and went out to the lobby to play Mortal Kombat for the duration of the film

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shore leave in zion is all about being horny as hell but it’s super awkward in execution and seeing keanu as a sexual creature is almost as hard as seeing myself as one gosh


Yeah! The way every crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar wants nothing more than to bone in Zion is a weird moment of levity in an otherwise fairly dour movie.


It is only through revealing ourselves that we can disappoint others.


you’re wrong

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Also Neo and Trinity were originally going to be a queer couple.

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the action is listless and perfunctory

the freeway sequence is a goddamn mess

in conclusion NO U!!!


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Shit was tight. and all those Juno Reactor songs worked perfectly together.


I couldn’t disagree more

and I’ve been to a Juno Reactor show!

by choice!


What? If anything they focused too much on the action.

I also hear people complain about the CGI. This movie came out in 2003. I think it’s fine in that context. What looked better back in 2003?

The first movie was meant as a standalone. They weren’t expecting it to be successful enough to turn into a trilogy. They got the sequels, promised to make them bigger and better, but didn’t have direction with the story. So we got what we got. Matrix Reloaded had good action in it.


Yes. They loaded it with a ton of action that is unmotivated, pointless, listless, and bad.



but definitely not perfunctory. Not even unmotivated. Villains and situations were all set up appropriately I thought.

Sure you could say the action scenes dragged on a bit, but it’s not like they had an excellent story that you would rather watch play out.


Remember when Neo fights a hundred Smiths in a courtyard and then after fifteen minutes just flies away


Whatever happened to that highway they built for the highway action scene

Do you think it’s still up somewhere

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looks like no, going on google maps.


He flew away because Agent Smith almost turned him into an Agent Smith. It was a retreat. Did you want Neo to die in the middle of the movie?