The Fate of Threads

Since Last christmas I decided to sit down and figure out how people make yarn into cute 3D shapes. I’m talking about crochet specifically. I’m currently approaching it like I approached Gunpla and model making but instead of buying a kit (which there are some premade kits out there so the metaphor can go further) you buy string and a hook of varying sizes. Also like gunpla it feels hard to call it your personal art in that you are just building what someone else already designed and made to be put together I am only at the level where I am just following patterns. Once you learn the language and instruction calls you really are just acting like a 3D printer reading Gcode instructions. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to intuit how to form shapes in my head but untill then I’ll just be following previous instruction and maybe mashing them together. Here’s a few of my completed projects:

Made a bell bag for a friend for christmas. There’s a youtube video that I followed to make this. The bag itself is easy enought to intuit but the star took a few steps to make.

I give you my big red heart. First time using jumbo thread. Through a google search that said a general rule to scale up for big thread is to scale your rounds so if you start with 6 stitches in the magic circle bump up to 8 and multiply accordingly through the rest of the project.

This one is actually pretty easy. You just make a ladder and then some big petal groups and roll it together.

My current project. i’m repurposing an octopus pattern to become a mascot of a certain Vtuber. Gonna figure out how to make a face out of thread on this one.


You should use this to make games with yarn-based graphics. The Chronicles of Yarnia.


I guess I also want to invite the rest of SB and make this a community knitting circle of sorts.


You’d have to pay me a whole years of wages up front to even get close to convincing me to do this. then again I feel like i’ve heard the design pitch somewhere.

I tried to learn crochet and got too frustrated, BUT I also only cared about making amigurumi and tried to skip right to that.

any tips for learning?

I learned straight off of youtube and other sites I found in a google search. I’d say first learn how to start with a slip stitch and single chain (sl and sc in short notation) After that then Magic Circle which is just a big slipstitch with some stitches put in before you tighten it and that is how most amigurumi will start as you spiral out. I find it very similar to knowing how to read guitar tabs or fight game numpad notation. Once you get those parts down then you can go true brain empty only count.


Melissa is into crochet. Hasn’t had the time recently to do much, but she’s a real whiz at it. She made me a giant blanket, years ago, as well as many little amigurumis that she even sold a few of on Etsy.

Crochet does not scale up well as a business unless you’re just selling patterns you design.

I have not the the time nor mind for business. At best I see myself maybe making a handful of things and handing them to some friends that do some local art and craft fairs around. Right now it’s just pure hobby and tricking my brain that I can actually do art.

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Cool stuff!

When you add a face, is that like a separate thing you make and then stitch onto the purple base, or do you create a face directly on the purple base itself?

i’ve been thinking about getting back into knitting as i force myself to take more time to non-work activity! this might be the push i need

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