The Dreamcast is Twenty Years Old.

I’m actually using the Akura box and got the jagged edge issue. May need to fiddle with the box’s switches and my TV settings.

Yeah I want this book buuut I dunno if I wanna pay like $50 to import it to kangyland. Can you do one of those Fantagraphics style videos when you just flip through the whole book so I can get an idea of the contents!?

That Ecco The Dolphin is on this means someone at IGN Japan has really wild unique tastes and I think I got to start reading them.

Back in the days when I never thought I’d buy another console, I played a thousand hours of Soul Calibur with my cousins on one of my cousin’s Dreamcast and I destroyed as Sophitia. I then played a few other multiplayer games over the next few years.

I bought a Dreamcast about 10 years ago. I own a handful of games for it. I have four controllers and four VMUs.

Except for a minute or twelve when I flirted with starting a game of Shenmue, the only game that has been in my Dreamcast since I’ve owned it is Chu-chu Rocket. It is probably just about my favorite multiplayer game.

Eight years ago, my now-wife and I played Chu-chu Rocket, and she got angrier at me than she has ever been about anything else, before or since, and we will never play Chu-chu Rocket together again.


im really enjoying the interviews so far! i was gonna post the first video but HMPH ITS BEEN DONE HERES THE SECOND

yay seaman inteviews yay segagaga interviews

ooo is that the synesthesia suit?


20 years American.


ITS TWENTY YEARS FOR ME NOW!!! gonna hook mine up when i get home


i have always had dreamcasts bc my best friends stepdad brought home like 30 from sega SINCE NO ONE BOUGHT THEM

i hate that all my friends moms and dads worked at sega and atari and shit but the internet ruined it bc of the Nintendo Uncle haha

but yeah when i wasn’t even into videogames I had a dreamcast and like every game and a virtual on shirt

its got a soft spot in my heart! i would go through Lauren’s garage and find NAOMI chips (boards?) for arcade games too! at the time i thought they belonged to someone named naomi

i used to be able to ollie over a dreamcast LAUREN COULD OLLIE OVER TWO THO


Realizing I don’t own Crazy Taxi and looking at ebay.


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I have so many memories connected with the Dreamcast. It all starts when I first saw screens of Sonic Adventure in EGM. I thought that games could never look any better than that and it was then I decided I needed the machine.

I was an avid reader of Gamefan around the time of the launch. In August 1999 I joined their IRC channel and everyone was hyped for the DC. I wouldn’t get one until that Christmas. It was a gift from my parents. After I opened it my dad said with some gravitas that this would probably be the last game console they would buy me, and if I wanted any more I would have to pay for it myself. A few years later I would buy a PS2 with earnings from working at Wendy’s. Dreamcast was the last console of my childhood.

My first couple games for the console were Power Stone, Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur. SC I specifically remember playing for hours at a time. I replayed Sonic Adventure many times over. Except the Big the Cat scenario. It was Big that made me realize I hated fishing minigames in video games, a prejudice I carry to this day.

Dreamcast honestly has one of the best game libraries on a percentage basis. There are a hell of a lot of great imports too.

After Sega announced the DC would be discontinued I lost a lot of interest in gaming. I really didn’t play much for a year or two. I eventually came to terms with the loss.

Dreamcast rules.


All the closing game stores means I’ve built up a small library of stuff to try this week:

Tetris 4D
Japanese Seaman
Japanese Christmas Seaman
Japanese Seaman 2001
Pen Pen Triathalon
Sega GT something something edition
Dead or Alive 2 (US version found in a shop here)

I mean I also years ago bought Spirits Of Speed 1937. Which is a “racing” game about driving slow as hell 1937 cars. It is a weird joke of a game. Dreamcast Graveyard thinks it is a good constant punchline. I’ve unforunately actually played it.

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pouring one out today for my entire collection of dreamcast games that were stolen last year. i miss giant gram 2000 most of all.

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bruh i wish i had giant gram 2000. i have ajpw featuring virtua fighter for saturn though and it’s amazing.

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the geometry on this TV is horrible


Earlier today I finally realized this game’s name is actually Pen Pen Triicelon and not Pen Pen Tri-Cel-Lion and it would have been one of the biggest “I’ve been calling her Krandall” moments of my life cuz I’ve spent 20 fucking years name dropping Pen Pen Tri-Cel-Lion but not a single person actually knew what it was so who cares if I got the name wrong. Right?

I bought that game on launch day. It sucked. I’m cool.


Today I also learned Pen Pen Triicelon has some real racist shit in it and also has a real horny lookin’ ice cream cone named Mrs. Cream


Please do not get horny over her. She is married, and coveting her is a sin.

I have never really played Blue Stinger and I spent the weekend dreaming of remedying that but I played Final Fantasy 14 instead. Maybe someday? Every year I think “I will hook up a Dreamcast and have a good time” but the one time I did I remembered that system was so fucking loud and turned it off after playing Crazy Taxi for 5 minutes. I love you Dreamcast but you are too damn loud.


play Blue Stinger on Loud Dreamcast on a hot day when you have to open the windows and run the box fans on maximum anyway, and pretend you’re on a hot cruise


I finished out the night playing Virtua Tennis 2k2 and Rez

Goodnight friend, it’s a shame you’re so damn loud