The Division

So I wanna play through this damn game with a human I can confide in as we go along, and I’ve had 3, THREE groups drop on me now.

Anybody down to push through this game?

uh i guess it could be more fun playing with someone else. I didn’t like what i’ve played of it so you can pass on me if you think i’ll be a downer!

What are you playing on?

If ur willing to play though and we cna find a time that works whatever :slight_smile: It’s just one of those games that doesn’t make sense to play without co-op


let me tell you why The Division is a bad game

:insert Destiny criticisms here:

gee tanks. I like it.


my terrible opinions are always appreciated

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Unfortunately, I cannot join you as I only have it on PS4. Have fun :slight_smile:

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i mean

the two things destiny has going for it is somehow managing to be an mmo in which it actually feels pretty good to press buttons and also loot barely ever looming as a threat outside of raid optimization

the division



does not have those things and then doesn’t have anything else either so

i kind of feel like it’s fair to say it’s its own brand of bad

I didn’t like the game much because every enemy felt like a super powered bullet sponge that I could never beat and checkpoints were too far apart. The environments looked great though.

The division is WAY better than Destiny. For one thing, the story is in the game. The other is that it’s fun and the loot actually goes somewhere.

but these are both bad things

Lol ok then.

I admit I had fun of what I played during the recent free weekend. Up until I got to the Destiny parts and it started to feel like busywork.

Anyway, I don’t own the game so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At very least, the Division is focused on slaughtering those poor people, so it has that over Destiny. Oh wait.

I have it on PS4.

Ya Destiny isn’t about shooting things at all.

I mean I take your point, but whatever.


Oh no, Destiny is totally about shooting things. Just not poor people left behind when an area gets evacuated of the rich. Like that is the literal plot of the Division, and it’s pretty fucking weird that it is a thing.

not all the poor people. You give some water. Some of them have money too!

When I played, I only had to kill the murderous poor people, and you could help the rest.
I didn’t even get to the part where they explain how they can afford all that top of the line military hardware and ammo if they are poor