the decade is almost over . . . the galaxy . . . is at peace . . .

its almost the end of the 2020’s baby, you know what that means: it’s been a decade since the end of the 2010’s so now we can finally enter games released after that time frame into the cultural canon which means we need to decide now what ancient ass games we’re going to be feuding about for the next ten years

rest in peace 2010,
2010 - 2010

let’s think about 2011 instead

looking forward to prohibition

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prohibit everything but grain alcohol and fighting games. all bars are now discotecas that only serve vegan food, cold brew, and lsd


trying to come up with a game that had a lasting impact in this decade is harder than i expected… i have not played the fortnites and MOBAs or whatever they are, so maybe i am missing sth here, but even if it is cheating (2009), the only example that i can instantly come up with is minecraft.

Maybe some angry candy crush birds game has had the same impact without me realizing it?

feeling cute and confused rn

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I nominate Super Mario Iliad (Nintendo, 2025) for inclusion on this list


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - best online multiplayer FPS of the decade and one of the best ever.

Dark Souls - DUH!

Wait I’m confused. Are we starting with 2010 or 2011?

I’ll never not enjoy Si Reynolds anyway but “she can come across a bit like the Elizabeth Warren of electronica” is delicious and I actually like Herdon’s shit quite a lot

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RIP Windows Phone

RIP Zune


unfortunately obliged to spill my blood from my winphone here


I think Skullgirls counts


The gameplay was not revolutionary, but simply because of the controversy it generated, Assassin’s Creed: Paris '68 (Ubisoft-Konami-Raytheon, 2027) also deserves mention


This was the decade where I stopped paying attention to all AAA games but Souls and Platinum games?

I had played your Bioshock, Borderlands, Uncharted, Fallout 3, Gears, Halo, Mass Effect, Assassin’s creed before, and I -did- manage to extract some enjoyment out of them but that was it. I was done until something big and new and exciting came along, which didn’t really happen for me

Thankfully this has been the best decade for small to medium games
The most emblematic ones, I guess, would be the Witness (sorry) and the good roguelites (I pick Nuclear throne / Slay the Spire / Spelunky)

bitsy is the twine of this decade