the cute squid game

does anyone play Splatoon 2 anymore?
I know its kind of dead but I still play it and would love to play with ppl other than randos.


I’d be up for getting back into it but am dealing with a big bout of RSI atm. Would be fun to revisit one day since I didn’t max out Splatoon 2 as much as I did the original. I also missed the DLC.

.52 Gal is my jam.

Edit: also welcome to the forum!


man… i love splatoon

i love salmon run…

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I love this game! I finally got it two months ago, played it ravenously for two weeks, and now it’s mostly just a memory. I could play again though I’m not umm good.


I’ve been meaning to get back into it at some point and have better internet now

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just boughtit two days ago, its a blast. i like dualies i guess

I’d reinstall it to play with butts

i’d be down, too. used to play quite a bit with a friend, but fell off some time ago. i was kind of good, but i imagine that would not be the case now

I’ve been splatting hard during COVID.


Oh! this is exciting! I am delighted at the response!

Ok, we should organize some way to play? If we had enough ppl we could just fill a turf war room. Otherwsie, we can do doubles / quads in league or the pve mode.

How should we organize this??

add me: 6795 5035 7992

Mine is 7742-9938-9284, unless I changed it. I’m on PST.

ok I’ve added ppl my friend code in case anyone wants it is 4196-8769-0783

Additionally, I am also pacific time.

2366-5831-1611 eastern time if anyone is interested

mine is 7383-9113-7523 but I’m in Australia so the times may not align


Let’s splat!

Well one of you has a thousand hours in this game so you can be on my team.

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i love cute squid game :3



east coast… i don’t know… i’m interested

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Splaturday approaches.