The Curse of the Necrobombicon [GOBLIN OF THE YEAR EDITION]


these are screenshots from our final project for that game development class i wouldn’t stop complaining about. in our presentation i pitched the game as “what if zelda, but bombs”

it turned out really well given the terrible hand we were dealt by the professor and gamemaker studio (a million thanks to @HOBO for donating a license a little under a week before the deadline, which saved our asses (THE CURSE OF THE NECROBOMBICON IS OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY BACHELORSOFT™))

we care enough about this project that we’ve started remaking it properly in unity. @contentdeleted and i are doing the programming, @khan is our artist, and @nocode has been collaborating with me on music (which rules)

we’ve, uh, built our own physics system


it’s not perfect yet, but, you know, imperfection is beautiful and human. what i’m saying is that this game is art

we’re hoping to have something playable by the second week of january, but we’re a ways behind schedule so we’ll see what happens


nice nice nice


It is. I love it all of it. This is a fun gamesoft and I feel like the proudest uncle in all of history.

I can’t wait to blow more stuff up!!


I’ll play this sure


oh this is real cute


this is brilliant tbh


on the one hand, our collision code isn’t quite where we want it to be

on the other hand, i have discovered that love can bloom, even on the battlefield



Look, if bomb makeouts can somehow be a mechanic, I say this is the best emergent design i have seen in a long time.


This is dope.





we added lighting and also a bug that is your friend


And also a bomb to cart you around.


normally they fall over and explode when they run into something but i didn’t have the heart to give that one a Health component


sometimes i :face_vomiting: myself


in Russia, King Bob-Omb was localized as Tsar Bomba

this is interesting because


i fucken love SB, would never have known this otherwise, thanks felix