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Looks to me like they’re being evocative of the original BTAS trade dress aesthetics, which is a pretty daring thing to directly compare yourself to.

I do know I am vastly more interested in a batwoman show on paper than most of the other DC TV show characters, especially if she’s still lesbian like the comics.


it blows my mind that weve gone from the justice league on smallville being assembled teenagers in hot topic superhero hoodies to this

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I don’t think CW really has an excuse to change that, especially considering the casts they’ve built up for their shows already.

I don’t know how Batwoman was portrayed in the Arrowverse crossover event she debuted in, but I also believe this is the case because I rememeber there was big kerfluffle when the casting was announced revolving around Batwoman’s actress being genderfluid and not a gay cis woman.


Agents of Shield has gone full on Deep Space and I’m into it

Also into Mad Max Phil Coulson

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god ruby rose is such a specifically singular kinda presence but i kinda wish she had a lead role outside of the weird formula of the arrowverse

also they really just made luke fox into curtis 2.0 lol


The LoT finale’s Monitor cameo had me in stitches. Also, the “hard pass on the crossover” call back. Also also, nice-guy Vandal Savage in hell playing jenga with Ray-Ray. Hopefully the crisis will bring back Zari somehow, she was my favorite legend .


I wonder if the producers approached Echo Kellum to reprise his character, and decided to just go ahead and “do Curtis anyway” when he turned them down.

Oh and hey, Dougray Scott! I guess he’ll disappear after the pilot because there’s no way they can afford him in a reoccurring role.


the tick is so well put together, season 2 feels like it managed both it’s literal and narrative budget expertly

genre shows almost always have moments where people act out of character to move a convoluted plot around or things that feel like filler and it’s nice to watch something that’s just all around solidly put together and funny and well performed

also if i’m not wrong the majority of eps in s2 were written/directed by women which is just kind of a neat thing

shame amazon’s not picking it up hope it gets renewed

sneakily funniest gag was how bronze star had no apparent onscreen powers or skills of any kind outside of everyone loving him

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My theory is Bronze Star’s power is that everyone loves him, all the time. I’m almost certain nobody actually knows him, or has history with him.


I remember saying to someone maybe two or three years ago about how I would love to see a netflix-style swamp thing reboot

Damned monkey’s paw


It is underwhelming af so far yeah


legion may have lost the plot last season character wise but it is still such a ridiculously indulgent and sumptuous visual buffet that it’s kind of just powerful on a basic level

like i really do not think there will not be a better or more powerful visualization of omniscience or half the other superpowers onscreen for while

based on his legion and better call saul episodes i really want to see andrew stanton direct another live action movie

i mean john carter wasn’t “good” but i feel like with the right collaborators/limitations he could make something on par with his pixar stuff


interesting that on legion explicitly putting charles xavier and his wife in a post world war ii context means that the show is not a 1960s flavored alt-present but a present flavored alt-1960s which is an interesting distinction to me. somewhere between gotham city’s government mandated 1930s flavor and archer’s “whatever” attitude

anyway that was an absolutely gut wrenching and terrifying episode. the best from a pure emotional standpoint in a while


catching up on legends of tomorrow and man it really is still the sam raimi-est tv show. it has absolutely leaned into enjoying it’s low budget and really does the best by almost all it’s actors. its amazing how well it managed to grow into itself over time. one of the few old-fashioned, 20+ episode broadcast season dramas that actually manage to use it to have the characters be a cozy sitcom family like TNG. it’s still got it’s issues but i wish all the dc tv shows managed to balance comedy and drama and genuine emotion this well.

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This last season didn’t hit the high highs the previous season hit, in my opinion (Beebo!).

But it also didn’t sink to the low lows either (oof, that Elvis episode).

Still great though. Afaik it’s coming back after the holiday hiatus, which… I’m not sure how that’s supposed to tie in with the crisis . Or maybe it’s not supposed to? “Hard pass”?


Wait wait is this just a reference to a mood or is actual Sam Raimi legit involved in this show?


just the mood




so the arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths is bringing in black lightning, which i wonder if he’s from a different earth or not, brandon routh is playing kingdom come superman (in addition to the atom i guess), kevin conroy is playing a live action bruce wayne, burt ward is gonna be in it

i hope the smallville fools make it in

i demand justin hartley at least appear once on arrow before it’s over next year