The Cat (1992)

It makes me sad that there are probably warehouses full of strange Chinese films that are slowly disintegrating and will never see the light of day. I don’t think The Cat ever got a proper release but I feel obligated to spread the joy of this “trailer”. It’s the last film of Lam Ngai Kai (The Story of Ricky).


Riki-Oh is sheer genius madness. It’s a bit too mean for me, but phwoar

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i have this on vcd it’s kinda bad and i have never finished it

apparently there are scenes of real animal abuse in the movie and the threat of that means i probably will never try to watch it again!

the author who wrote the book this is based on (and maybe the screenplay) is… a real one for sure

(he must have a role of some kind in the movie too as i’m pretty sure that’s him @ 2:43 in that trailer)

Any info as to why it was his last film? Have you ever read any of the alleged animal abuse stories about the making of Milo and Otis?

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Oh yeah Milo and Otis was basically like a slaughterhouse. I am not aware of any more specific documentation about The Cat, just based on random things I’ve heard from other people who have seen the movie. So it may not be that reliable! But if you watch it let me know

That’s a good question about the director, I’m not sure either. I imagine it may have something to do with the end of that era of cinema in general, but Wong Jing is still making movies as are plenty of others from that period so who knows. He apparently does travel/tourism photography now?

It’s interesting how some Directors from that era just left the industry suddenly without much fanfare. One of my favorite stories is how Kuei Chih-Hung grew disgusted with the state of Chinese film, said screw this and went to America to open a Pizzeria. I love how unbeholden they were to a seemingly glamorous profession. Like, It would be inconceivable for James Gunn to walk away suddenly and start a Quizno’s franchise. Creatives today are so desperate to remain relevant that they never have the self-awareness to realize there are other options if their career doesn’t work out. I think I’ve worded this all wrong but you get the point.