The Book of Megadrive Episode 3: Devilish: The Next Possession, and VOTING TIME


First of all, get the new episode right here:

Starring @lonelyfrontier @notbov @shrug @VastleCania @AutomaticTiger

This one struck a nerve! There’s a lot of anger directed at this game. In adddition, I’d have to time it but this might be in the running for longest running @shrug tangent on the cast.

Anyway, going forward, the Book of Megadrive is going to try to have votes for the episode after the next episode. The actual next episode was chosen by @VastleCania and is going to be BONANZA BROS! But we’re going to vote for the next episode after that. Game descriptions and link to vote in the next post!




Pochahontas is a videogame based on the Disney Animated Movie of the same name. In it you controll both the Pocahontas herself, as well as her trusty animal sidekick Meiko. The goal of the game is to rescue animals that give you new powers and abilities.

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge

F1 Hero MD is a Formula One video game endorsed by Satoru Nakajima that was released in 1992 for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The North American and European versions of the Mega Drive/Genesis game are known as Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge in honor of the Ferrari brand of racing vehicles.

The game is a typical 3D racing game with various team, racer, car setup, and race options for a Grand Prix, practice race, and Time Attack modes. Races are always presented in horizontal split screen; in one-player mode, the HUD takes up the top half of the screen. (via Sega Retro)

Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics


Control either Tom or Jerry against enemies like Aunty Figg, Ferdinand the dog, and the cruel Captain Kiddie. There are eight nerve-racking levels to get through in your search for Robyn each packed with obstacles, foes, and plenty of good food. (via Giant Bomb)

Yeah, that’s what you have to choose from. We’re not the most thrilled either. Vote here:


i vote pocahontas because i think colors of the wind is my favorite disney song and it might have an fm synthesis version of colors of the wind in it.


Could be revelatory!

Instead, will probably be miserable


I’ve listened to the soundtrack and you have not lived until you’ve heard Just Around the Riverbend rendered by a western game dev genesis sound driver.

…and you can hear the dang thing right here:


This sucks ass


Oh nice, something to listen to while I space trade!

Pocahontas looks so graceful in that first shot that it has to get my vote


I’ve got a cease and desist from Ferrari here. If we’re no longer allowed to play Outrun Coast to Coast because of licensing issues then y’all sure as heck can’t play Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge


Ah, there ya go lol


I’m at the point where you discuss that the dude is naked and she is clothed. I can tell none of you are perverts! Because no one mentioned CFNM. Look it up :wink:


always weirds me out when porn genres are delineated in such bureaucratic specificity

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We literally talked about how the Red Paddle gal was a top and told the blue paddle guy to get naked.

It’s not like we didnt dance around the edge of the lava ring.

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That’s true, gotta give props