teach me about techno


i think techno might be my fav genre but ive never properly dived into it and it seems like such a wide discipline that im not sure exactly what to do. someone please teach me about the worlds of techno, maybe some reading if you know some good reading??? sorry to post one of these “please do lots of work for me” threads. maybe this should just be a techno thread instead

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as i typed this i was listening to this ep (this review has a soundcloud playlist of the ep at the bottom)


a basic history:
techno was invented in the mid 80s in detroit and was an offshoot of electro. it sounded like this at first

at the same time techno was first being born, house music was really kicking off in chicago, house music was an offshoot of disco, funk, and italo-disco other stuff people played at clubs. without house’s 4/4 beat techno wouldnt be like what it is in the minds of all german people now.


this is about all forms of club music (until 2001) but it covers a lot if you wanna learn about the worlds of techno. all of these forms talk to each other. it’s a really good primer for just understanding the history of everything i think. but im not a professor.

everyone should experience climbing through discogs for weird tracks with like 23 views


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All you need to know about techno is that the best stuff probably doesn’t have a clap or a snare on the 2 and the 4


Bookwise, Si Reynolds’ Energy Flash is as good as it gets to start with


Not true.


That’s electro tho :hohoho:

But srsly, there’s an argument that Sharevari is the first Actual Techno record and I’ve subscribed to it

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I nearly posted that too.

Except I would have gone for this:

The Scene was before my time, but it’s follow-up The New Dance Show was required viewing growing up in Detroit.

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On that tip I’d also strongly suggest Ike Yard got where a lot of techno now is decades ahead

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This is the logo’d I’d put on my battle jacket

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Mechanically, a key thing about techno is that it typically doesn’t do the whole riser-n-drop thing so blatantly, which makes it well grown-up and cool obviously

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Those neon lights? Yes!! I have a t-shirt!


My man

I mean attitude is really important to techno ultimately, it has to be a bit standoffish or severe or experimental or atonal to really work


i’m so sorry for being dumb but on a first glance it looked like the people on both avis were having a dialogue and it made me cackle so there


A great Old Web resource that is a little out of date but still informs:


It maps every conceivable subgenre up until probably like 2003 and includes audio of various songs and instruments to illustrate.


techno is the electronic genre I know the least about so I am following closely

it is also the one that seems the most expansive which is a lot of fun


Thank you for the posts everybody :kissing_cat::kissing_cat::kissing_cat:
I am going to a club where detroit techno militia is playing this weekend will report back. I’ve never heard them or any of the other acts/djs playing but apparently they are famous idk. I’m excited! To get high and dance all night to techno