Murchie’s is usually overpriced but their black tea range is fantastic


Twinnings had a good blend of loose leaf Earl Grey but either my tastes changed or their blend did; after a certain point a year or so back it went weird like you found. Tetley is not to your taste either? The Metropolitan Tea Company (headed by Tea Master Level 4, Gerry Vandergrift!) has a decent variety of English teas though the only place I could find selling their products in Edmonton is Nook In The Woods.


Yeah I think we have gone through Tetley and Typhoo. I mean, they are fine, it is just black tea bags after all, the Twinings was the only one I found actively unpleasant to drink (and even still finished the whole box…). At a certain point it kind of seems just like… coke vs pepsi you know. I just have the indelible PG Tipsiness of it all stuck in my head.

I will keep an eye out for metropolitan tea company and murchie’s, but i don’t think i’ve seen those for sale anywhere. I might actually just be that jerk and go to the shop that sells imports and stuff. I think it is shaped like a telephone booth or london cab or something like that.

I have not heard of nook in the woods, it looks like it’s a bit out of town but if I’m ever in the area I will check it out!

There are actually a lot of really nice seeming tea shops around town but I mainly just get herbal teas from them. I should try fancier black tea one day.


Do it, I’ve been buying Assam tea from a little importer and as a consequence I started drinking five times more tea.


2018 “Waffles” (ripe puer)

  • smells like wet dog
  • brews dark red to plum and thick, drinks good. very clean flavor and soft mouthfeel
  • honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s a great daily drinker. light caffeine load

unidentified white2tea sample (they threw it in as a freebie)

  • i thought it was a puer but it tastes like oversteeeped black tea
  • bitter
  • i dont especially like it but whatever, tea is tea


Some puerhs are extremely tannic and bitter in an almost moldy way


surprise it’s not water it’s old sour tea

So after a couple months of brewing kombucha I’ve got four (4) bottles left this is one (1) of them. This is from the sixth or seventh batch.

The first couple didn’t taste very good and I tossed most of them, but the rest got progressively better as, I guess, maybe the liquid culture stabilized or various other procedural changes.

I used a bottle of that Element brand stuff, linked earlier in the thread, as a starter and just dumped it into a half gallon glass milk jug topped off with some cooled + sweetened brewed tea. Let that sit on the counter for a couple weeks covered with cheesecloth, lots of membrane stuff formed in there. Drink/toss 2/3rds or so and then refill with newly brewed tea, ~1/2 cup of sugar per 1/2 gallon. Some people say to toss the scoby/pelicle/mucus layer, some people say they would rather die; but the good stuff is in the juice itself.

After the initial ferment of a week or two or three or whatever, you can bottle and put in the pantry for perhaps another week for a secondary ferment which theoretically should self carbonate if you add some additional sugar to the bottles; but this never worked out for me. I ended up force carbonating, with my carbonator co2 cartridge bottle thing, which I think is how all the bottled stuff on store shelves is produced.

The first couple batches I used some taiwanese oolongs, and the last few (pictured) were various ‘deep’ steamed japanese greens I had small amounts of left over the years.

The best results tasted good but I mostly prefer the taste of the best stuff I’ve bought once I ignore the novelty of artisanal self hand made single origin tangy tea pop; so I think I’m over this for now but will maybe restart the scoby factory at a later date.


Stephane’s new pics from the motherland

I brought home $5 worth of tea from Japan. I also brought back some onsen water from Tenzan in Hakone, but I ended up giving it to my daddy instead.

The best tea we did have was from this take out place Hachiya in the Daikanyama/Ebisu area. They had like, freshly made tea soda on the menu; I didn’t get it I just got some sencha.

The lady like used multiple pots to brew after getting her hot water from the robot tap and had a little dixie cup on the side to pre taste while she went before serving it. It was real brothy food tea great job guys thanks. My wife got a Hojicha smoothie thing it tasted like a sweetend campfire but she was into it.

I had planned to maybe buy some stuff during a layover at the airport in Taipei but it was all whack and overpriced seeming, makes sense. They do have semi-hidden very nice private lockable shower rooms there though.