SW Battlefront

Did anyone brave origin and pick up this game?
Think it’s still like 5 buckaroos.

I actually have this. If you’re talking about the new frostbyte graphics one. I played it twice or so?

sweet, we should fight with lazers.

I got this a couple weeks ago on Xbox when it was on sale for 4.50.

I’ve just done training missions and skirmishes though. I haven’t actually attempted a game with other people yet.

I don’t know if this has cross play? I’m on PC, as always. I’m off to be with The Girl this weekend. Come Tuesday I’m available full time though. Let’s do this then!

ya hit me up, Tuesday night!

aaand it’s Tuesday! Time flies! Just let me know when you’ll be online, I’m available starting now

oh let’s find a time…
how did I miss this?

It happens! Don’t sweat it. We could probably take this to PM as we’re the only ones wanting to play this, it seems? I think you need to tell me a time because it might be in the middle of the night for me and I need to plan my sleep accordingly but yeah, I’m still in for this and very flexible, so come at me bro

ya im around a lot hmeup!