SW Battlefront Tutu - A write up


So we were in the all ships mode.
I had made enough suicide runs in the garbage tier ships to accumulate points to get a decent rig bound to my controller.

I took down an enemy ship and noticed that the objective changed. We were ready.

A classic Star Wars set up. I needed to get into a starbase to hit the sensitive node with my force laser missile or whatever to blow it up, and I veered myself around to do it.


I see the opening to the base and I jet in. Chatter on the coms indicate the enemy is getting their defenses back up. I start boosting indoors, risky, if I hit a wall, door, invisible block, I’m toast. But I see the second set of doors starting to close, and I need to get in, just as I slip in with no pixles to spare I get into the chamber.


The node in the center is laid bare. I go to shoot…
something is off…
I shoot again…

Ah that’s it. Where little numbers should pop off reflecting the amount of damage I’ve done I’m seeing letters: i n v u l n e r a b l e and then lightning came out of nowhere and killed me instantly.

I rage quit and unistalled the game immeditaly. Fuck this game. Never play it.


Love to scramble in an X-Wing with randos and have a two second window to pop some shots off on a bridge or something before the shields instantly reactivate.

At least that mode feels like Star Wars. Running around on Hoth as Bossk and Yoda teabag fodder soldiers on both teams is, uh, well.

I’m pretty sure that one map that’s definitely not Endor (the planet with the bar from episode 8) is flat out unwinnable if you start on the south side of the hill. I’ve never seen a single match make it past the little ruins at that first checkpoint.


This is very NGJ in the best way


what’s NGJ? Next Generation Jammer?



Cool. Never knew that, but i’m happy to be in Kieron Gillen’s School of thought.