Surreal videogame hacks

This was an old thread I made on SB ver. 1. I don’t expect it to get more than a few posts.

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My first thought is a hack that Dess linked ages ago for SMB2 (US).

Iirc, when you go into a pot in that game, if you don’t do something correctly and leave, this black carpet being chases you until you right that wrong, or…something. I forget how it works.

In this hack, this thing was chasing you at all times, which is…pretty terrifying. If anyone can link to what I’m talking about that would be swell, because I’m not even sure how to search for it.

And of course:

On that same note…

If the criteria was expanded to fan games and there were a video of it without a LPer talking over it I’d suggest most of the doofy post-game Super Talking Time Bros worlds, though they’re too straightforward and talky and jokey to qualify for the mind-bending and absurd (and I guess it’s less striking to not directly manipulate familiar stuff). Fledgling associations of nonsense.

Rockman 4 Minus Infinity is surreal in the sense that I didn’t know it could DO that

The Super Mario World hack, Call of Cthulhu, is pretty flipping out there. My favorite level was one that used the background layers very cleverly to make platforms that moved like the background, including use of the L and R buttons to move the camera. Here it is in a video except totally blown through because TAS


this is pretty brilliant.

that does some really cool stuff. Kind of a shame it’s in “you most likely need save states to do this” territory.

why hasn’t there been a scene dedicated to weird hacks of umihara kawase

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I think to really be weird, a hack of Umihara Kawase would have to be aggressively normal and easy


And of course, Super Mario Clouds

This is really cool, but I wouldn’t characterize it as surreal.

If I’m thinking about it, the hacks in the videos I posted are surreal to me because there’s a sense of the mundane and the impossible – the very basic visual elements that hardly have any modifications of the original assets in conjunction with all of this bizarre, claustrophobic level design that’s mostly meant for tool-assisted playthroughs.


No one has made a level editor for Umihara Kawase yet.
Though someone on a site called seems to be making rapid progress developing one.

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We had a thread for Mario corruptions that created fun game play things. Like the one where the game loaded each screen one at a time and had like a wipe line that would flow across the screen and if Mario got caught in a spawning piece of landscape he could get stuck or fall into the abyss.

Anyone have access to those old files?

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Oh wow, I remember that thread! I think I even made a few by changing random bits in the files? I wonder if I have them on a harddrive somewhere…

EDIT: Found a bunch on my harddrive:

I’m not sure if these are ones I made or if they were made by other people, or some mix of the two. Unfortunately I don’t have much more explanation for them other than the files names.

EDIT 2: Found the original thread
I think the ones in my zip are largely made by other people. The “proceduralglitch3.nes” and “waveofmovement.nes” files mentioned in the thread both exist in my zip.

That first Mario hack would be sublime if it were to just randomly appear when the game was booted incorrectly.

The sense of the mundane and the impossible is present in the original game too I feel. I think it’s a big part of the appeal to me.

Bravo, Mario!
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